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  1. Good Bye Beta Ray Bill.

  2. You think so??  He might get his ass handed to him a bit more, but I don’t expect him to die.  They would never do such a thing to one of the most bad ass characters ever!  Plus his name is awesome

  3. Stormbreaker is gone, it was broken and gave to the god-killer skrull.  So when Thor shows up he has to take mjonir away making Beta, human-ish.  So bye bye Beta ray Bill

  4. I have a feeling that this book was released two weeks two late – Secret Invasion #7 already has Thor rejoining the Avengers.

  5. @coltrane68-no, its pretty obvious they didn’t want to tell us all of Thor’s story until this particular point.  And technically, Thor first spoke in SI #6.  So this book would be five or six weeks late by your logic.

    @cyberauron- that doesn’t mean he is going to die.  Plus its not very convincing to me.  I’ll believe it when I see it 😉

  6. @drake how about this…. there has to be a caualty for the asgardians and beta is the only one not featured in the regular series. Either that ir the whole town is going to blow up. Its just a theory

  7. @cyberauron-I haven’t read it yet (damn you work!!!)  but I doubt it.  Any sort of major change like that wouldn’t occur in the SI tie-in, but in the proper Thor book.  Thor doesn’t really need a huge tragic reason for wanting to help people.  We’ll find out later I suppose.

  8. @drake damit damit damit damit damit No No No I was wrong it has a disney ending. Come on!

  9. @cyberauron-haha.  Its all good.  Part of me was hoping you were right, would have been nice to see some tragedy.  But alas, Marvel don’t play that.  Decent mini though.

  10. Question about this issue and in particular Beta Ray Bill – I thought his alter ego was an african-american after the events of his recent mini-series.  However, this was not so in this issue — has that already been addressed somewhere else?

  11. @doomwad-I didn’t even know he had a mini!  I remember seeing him in the Omega Flight mini, but don’t know what that was about or if that addressed the issue you are talking about.  I just always thought Bill was an alien to begin with, so the idea of an African-American alter ego is foreign to me.

  12. @drakedangerz – To my knowledge, Beta Ray Bill has always been depicted as a Korbinite, *except* for the Beta Ray Bill mini, called Stormbreaker, the Saga of Beta Ray Bill, by Oeming (in 2005 I think).  It rocked!  It was a really enjoyable mini.  If you like Beta Ray Bill in the slightest, you’d like it.  At the end of this mini, BRB mysteriously gained an african-american as an alter ego.  I think you are right – he was also depicted as an african-american in the Omega Flight mini (wasn’t that also by Oeming?!), but I haven’t seen that aspect followed up on. Maybe we can assume something about his travels in Limbo caused him to revert back to having his usual Korbinite alter ego (or the fact that Oeming didn’t write this).



  13. @drake see this is why they should have killed Beta. No one knows if he is human alien or horse. Kill him and have a six issue mini on Thor choosing his new brother

  14. @cyberauron. Why kill. Why not just figure out what his deal is. Just because a character has a complicated past does not mean they should die. With an attitude like that why not just kill off every single hero or villian because they have a complicated history. 

  15. @cyberauron… ya, but Beta Ray Bill looks so cool!  I mean, he looks like a skeletal horse face! Ok, so we can disagree as to whether BRB is a cool character, but I agree with you that a 6 issue mini on Thor choosing a new brother would be a good read.

  16. @cowodoom HAHAHAHa!  Wait a minute? Kill all the characters that do not make sense. hmmmmmmmmm. Now thats an idea

  17. @doomwad Thankyou now if I could only pitch my ideas to marvel

  18. Hmmm…kill all the characters that don’t make sense…

    -The Sentry


    Anyone want to add to the list?  😛

  19. @drake sure I got a couple 

    Ronin. Let it die when Clint decides to become Hawkeye. i have a bad feeling its going to be pass around to a lot of third string characters.

    Jarvis and Wong- Man-sevants who has one these days

    the wasp- I know she is probably going to die in SI and its about time, there has not been a great story for her in a while.

  20. @cyberauron-Dude, Wong is bad ass!!!  I veto your Wong death and counter with Wonderman.  That guy is C-list tops, and what the hell does he actually do anyways??

  21. @ drake but you agree with Jarvis. I agree to on wonderman, but he may be the next ronin. who knows

  22. Carnage is already dead, and thank god for that

  23. Carnage can always be resurrected, there is always a fear of that.

    @cyberauron-yeah, I agree with Jarvis.  Technically he isn’t a manservant, but a butler.  So I assume he gets paid, that makes him slightly more tolerable.  But still, having an old butler is old school, hes got to go.  Maybe the Sentry becomes the next Ronin, who knows.  It was interesting when Maya was Ronin, now its just a suit that a character takes when someone else steals his name.  I almost expect them to put Steve Roger’s in the costume if/when they bring him back!  (Hopefully not, just throwing it out there)

  24. Lets take this conversation to the forum

  25. @balefuego

    what do you mean thank god for the death of carnage. carnage is amazing. hes like the worst(and i mean the best) spiderman villan, like ever! he shouldnt be dead. 

  26. this was a top comic … awesome

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