Will Shang Chi’s father return?! And now that their secret enemy’s involvement in his resurrection has been exposed, what will Steve Rogers and his team do to take on the Shadow Council? Brubaker and Deodato keep up the Kung Fu Espionage.

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Mike Deodato Jr.
Colors by Rain Beredo
Cover by Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I’m really enjoying this.  It’s not exactly a 5 every week, but its easily my favorite Brubaker work in years

  2. A consistently fun read. Kind of wish they had a different team name though.

    I know its weird, but I wish this didn’t have to be named Avengers just to justify its existence. To be honest though, I might not have checked it out without it.

  3. I hate to go against the grain, but I think I’m on the outs with this book. The story arc is very slow, and there is hardly any involvement from the characters I picked this series up to see. This arc has had barely any Valkrye, Antman or War Machine. No Moonknight at all!

  4. @Zeppo The lack of Moonknight may be because Bendis is slotted to take over the Moonknight book and hopefully he is planning something long term and good. And Brubaker either doesn’t want to mess with his plans or was told not to do anything drastic.

  5. I wish the art was better because Deodato really did some great stuff in the first arc. But the story is pretty fun and action packed so I can’t complain too much.

  6. @Zeppo:  I agree.  I think this is my last issue.  When I saw it was out this week the first thing I thought was, “ugh, there goes another 4 bucks.”  Then I came to the same realization, I just don’t care. 

  7. @Malecema, I think you’ve just summed up my feelings perfectly. I’ll finished off the arc I suppose.

  8. An improvement all around with the art and writing. Still could be better though with Deodato’s pencils. Still a bit too stiff.


  9. well there’s your Moon Knight…

    been loving this series.  I love Deodato’s pages.  the crazy layouts never get old for me. 

  10. AHHHH! i forgot to pick this up today!!

  11. I like it simply because it’s not written by Bendis.

  12. I really liked this issue. It used the team really well… Where’s my Ant-Man?

  13. @Minion- in Moon Knight’s pocket??

  14. This was a lot of fun.  Really nice job by Deodato

  15. @abirdseysview That would be awesome.

  16. I am liking this but did anyone else think Cap’s timeline was a little off?

  17. They should re-name this book “Commando Steve Rodgers” or something because there is no team focus at all.  It’s all centered around Steve and the other “members” of the “team” are just there as insurance in case he needs help.

  18. I thought this was Deodato’s strongest issue of Secret so far. Out of the 4 Avengers titles out this week, this was the only one that I rated higher than a 2 out of 5. 

  19. Artwork was amazing!!!

  20. Great work by Deodato, maybe the best I’ve seen from him yet.

  21. Check out the review of this issue on Critic Hammer 

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