Marvel’s newest hit Avengers team continues its breakneck pace! Steve Rogers comes face-to-face with an old comrade in arms from the war…who’s now working for the Shadow Council! The Secret Avengers Hong Kong Kung Fu extravaganza continues!

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art and cover by Mike Deodato Jr.

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Loving this so far.

  2. Last issue suffered from less than stellar art from Deodato. Hopefully it’s all in top form this week.

  3. This storyline is on a razor’s edge with me. I sense that it will either be awesome or come completely apart. Still not getting a ‘team’ feeling, but maybe I should just jettison that expectation and thing of this as Steve Rogers Adventures with recurring guest stars of all the other Avengers. I think it owuld help with my enjoyment.

  4. This book has been awesome, really get the feel this is like Steve’s covert black-ops team operating in the shadows.

  5. I wasn’t digging this arc so I am gone for now. If a new arc becomes interesting again, I might hop back on. I really wish Brubaker would let some of the other team members shine instead of just Steve.

  6. @Avistann – Agreed, this isn’t feeling very Avenger-y.

  7. @Avistann @Malecema Not very Avenger-y? Or not very Bendis-y? He has  been doing them all for years.

  8. Haha, good point.

  9. I think Brubaker’s ideas and writing in general have been pretty weak over the last few years, the Bad Night arc of Criminal was probably the last thing by him that I’ve loved.  Moreso than anyone else I can think of, he clearly writes within the structure of a trade, and his arcs seem to get wrapped up way too neatly.

    I loved last issue and I am so Avengers’d up these days that I want to love this series.  I just wish he would write more of an ongoing narrative, and not just a series of trades with a beginning in part 1 and clear ending in part 4

  10. I like the rotating cast aspect of this book.  Since I read Capt. America in trade, I’m liking this monthly dose of Brubaker. 

  11. I like that Moon Knight is gone.  I can’t think of another character that does less for me.

  12. I think the story is getting good, but Deodato’s art…..Oh boy it’s getting worse. What happened to the goodness that was in the first four issues? He needs to bring his ‘A’ game because it’s getting tiring to look at bad, CGI art. Yet another reason why we shouldn’t use computers all the damn time to do art in comics.


  13. Needs a shit-ton more Ant-Man! Great title. Big fan of John Steele but I don’t have a clue what they are doing with him. I would like to have some clue what transition Steele went through to go from war hero to secretive possible terrorist. Also, wtf with the absolute lack of concern for the missing team member Nova.

  14. Feel good about this book now.  Done a good job of creating momentum.  Steve’s energy shield (or whatever the correct name is) is cool.  Looking forward to the next one. 

  15. This was excellent, the art was incredible.  Feel so bad for Sharon Carter, she’s like Brubaker’s favorite pin cushion, once again used and abused to get to Steve.

  16. I’m dropping this. Art is beautiful but I’m just not feeling this book anymore. Could just be me but this seems to be the weakest of the current avengers books.

  17. I really liked this  book but there’s no escaping that it is a spy book. Its still an Avengers book but it is a spy book as well, and if that is not your bag then you won’t enjoy it as much.

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