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• The tragic events of last issue weigh heavily on Hawkeye’s conscience, leaving his position as leader, questionable.

• The Secret Avengers lie trapped at the center of the earth, allowing Father and his Descendants to enact their plan–spread contagious robot evolution!

• It is up to Venom to save the wayward squad, but will he make it in time?

• Will Hawkeye stand down as leader?


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  1. Remender writing, Hardman on pencils, and Art Adams covers? It’s like this book was specifically designed to get me excited. The last issue may have been my issue of the year so far.

    • Seriously? Only reason I am getting this is because Of Remender. The Art is lacking (I would have used another word here) If the scale was 1/5 I would rank it -1/5.

      Why do people like this water painting style art so much??

      Art like Nightwing, Amazing Spider-man, Batwoman, Batman, Superman, Detective Comics, Vampirella. I like detailed shadows and I am sorry but I just don’t dig this Hadman art! at all!

    • People like it because people have different tastes in everything, but especially in art.

      welcome to earth

    • Man, dunno how someone could get so vitriolic over something like Hardman’s art. Vicious.

    • Yeah, different tastes. I don’t intend to sound so mean but I am passionate over my comics and his art is not working for me. From afar is looks good but when its up close looks like line art with water colours to me. I don’t feel any depth. Remender writes beautifully love how he gives them character with the cleverly placed, punch lines.

      The art in the recent .1 was amazing though, but that was a different artist.

    • @Emberman, I didn’t take it as mean at all. I know what you mean that when someone likes a style that you just don’t like it can sometimes a bit of a surprise (there are plenty of artists that people fawn over that I just don’t dig). I really do dig Hardman’s stuff though, (and to your previous comment, I also like the art in the series you mention as well, particularly Batman and Amazing Spider Man). There’s something about the washed out colors that I think suit the book and I think his layouts are pretty impressive. I can’t get enough of those Art Adams’ covers either.

      One of the best things about comics is there’s plenty of different styles for all different kinds of tastes.

    • Yes, thats one thing I enjoy as well, the layouts. The different sized panels I do enjoy!

    • I don’t think Hardman’s art is the most pleasing to the eye, but I’ve always been a fan. It’s his layouts that draw me in. What he lacks in a polished, sleek style, he more than makes up for with his fantastic panel-by-panel storytelling. By the time his career comes to a close, we may very well consider him one of the masters of the medium.

  2. Is this coming out? It’s not on Diamond’s list for the week… and neither Forbidden Planet (UK) or my actual comic shop have it listed…

  3. It seems like forever since we had another issue of this awesome series. Can’t wait. And hopefully Venom plays a bigger role in this issue.

  4. Poor Eric…

  5. Such a great cover.

  6. Thought the last issue was great, superb ending and really made me want to read this issue. Remender is a bossss.

  7. Why isn’t this available day & date digital?
    C’mon Marvel, don’t you want my money?

  8. Only been a couple of issues of reminders run so far but I already love this book

  9. So glad I switched New Avengers for this book.

  10. God I love this book and I hope Eric is actually dead and stuff.

  11. I’m not as excited about this book as the rest of you are. It may just not be for me. I’ll probably switch this book for the original Avengers after Bendis is done with it.

  12. Is this just as awesome as Remender’s X-force book??? If it is, i’m on board…

    • Well I started reading this with the point 1 issue and been enjoying it quite a bit! So I recommend checking it out, it is enjoyable and the art is cool!

  13. This book isn’t listed on Diamond which is weird. If my LCS orders from there will they not get it? Hopefully they will. I guess I’ll have to see tomorrow…

  14. I work at a comic store and we get all of our comics in on Tuesday, this title was not among them. Neither was American Vampire #25. I am not sure if it is an issue at Diamond or simply a publisher error. The owner will be calling Diamond tomorrow to find out what the deal is, but he thinks that the publishers may have just pushed the release dates back.

    My shop uses a program called Comic Suite. When the Diamond order forms pop up 2 months in advance, it allows us to insert the amount of copies we would like to receive of the issues that they will be releasing. The moment we open the new monthly order form from Diamond, Comic Suite automatically fills in the quantities that have been requested by our comic subscribers. For example, if 5 people have Secret Avengers on their pull list, every month when the order form is opened Secret Avengers would automatically have 5 issues ordered for us. We then, of course, can go back and adjust the number accordingly.
    The point is that, for a shop like mine that uses this subscription/pull list program, there is no way that we would just NOT get Secret Avengers because there were already copies automatically reserved for the people that request it monthly.

    Long story short, the title will be coming but apparently not this week.

  15. my LCS got this yesterday.

  16. (SPOILERS) I was suprised when ant-man came back, but I’m thinking he’s probably a robot spy working for the father.

  17. I really don’t understand the folks who say that Marvel’s in a slump. Daredevil, ASM, Wolverine & the X-Men, JIM, and new hotness like Scarlet Spider and this?

    It’s a good time for zombies.

  18. Seems like the bullets in the solicit are for next issue and not this one. Still kinda works, though…

    The story ties in with the Deathlok Nation arc from UXF. Liking Father and his League of Cyborgs.

  19. I was issue to issue with Secret Avengers and it just occurred to me I completely glossed over this one on the comics list here and at the shop. I wasn’t really feeling it so this is good indicator that I don’t need to read it anymore.

  20. Remender needs to tone it down a little with the dialogue, but everything else about this book is fan-fuckin’-tastic.

  21. Loved it, unsurprisingly.

    I’m essentially a Remender fanboy now.

  22. this is the strongest issue so far of this run, setting things up nicely.

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