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  1. I just re-read the first 2 parts of this arc over the weekend, Redcrow is the best character in comics right now.  At the least, one of the most complex

  2. I know i say it every time this book comes out, but i’m going to keep saying it until this book sells better: This is the very best comic on the stands. period.

  3. @misterblank – agreed.  Aaron and Guerra put together little scenes or panels that give me chills, the last page of #22 is a perfect example

  4. Hard to argue with you guys. I’m not sure if this is the "best", but nothing is better right now. And if this issue isn’t just as awesome, I will burn it & then eat the ashes. That’s how confident I am this book will rock.

  5. After the third trade I managed to pick up issues 19 – 22 so this is my first proper new issue. YAAAAY. I heart Scalped.

  6. So goddamn good.

  7. Anyone know if that was Dash buying the dimebag in the hoodie?

  8. I think it was Dash buying the dimebag.  At least it looked like him.

  9. No question, it was Dash.

  10. I’ve never read a book where every minor character is treated like an A-lister.  So riveting issue to issue.

  11. Amazing.  I love how Aaron is playing with time in this arc.  Also,  the scene with the old man and the knife… *shudders*

  12. Mr. Brass is one scary Motherfucker.

  13. Wow.  Is there a writer that does a better last page than Jason Aaron? 


  15. This book is a little unfair to all the other comics — it makes them look bad, lol.

    The page where the old guy falls & the knife goes up through his jaw, I thought "Oh, fuck" about half a second before I read the exact same words on the page from Dino! How’s that for realistic dialogue! 

    The art in this issue was crazy, too. It’s always awesome, but issue it seemed even better than usual. 

    PS — I thought that was Dash buying the dime bag. 

  16. wow. that was amazing. such a good issue. i feel bad for Dino now but most of it just made it a great issue. this series never ceases to amaze me

  17. i think this has been my POW every single time it has come out.

  18. @JesseG

     This and Cap always seem to be my POW’s too.

  19. Poor Dino, he’s so fucked after this issue. It would seem that there is no going back to family life for him.

    No other series makes my insides churn so consistently. Without a doubt the bast written book on the stands.

    Any news on the length of the run? I’d heard Aaron say that the meta-story he’s been telling will run about 30 or so issues. With the rich world he’s created I think it could run indefinitely though.

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