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  1. I haven’t been reading scalped, but I know this is a one shot, so I’m gonna pick it up and see if I like the feel of it.

  2. @jerichobp – see if you can dig up #10.  that was also a one-shot with no required reading, and probably my favorite issue of the series so far.  that being said, there hasn’t been a bad issue of scalped yet

  3. This and casanova are the two best non-superhero books on the stands.

    Can’t wait for this one.

  4. Does anybody know anything about this artist?  Hopefully something good?

  5. @darminion

    I looked the guy up a few months back. he’s fairly good, although not as good as RM guera. Looks kind of like what i would imagine phil hester being inked by bill seinkeiwicks would look like.

    He posted a few preview pages on his blog:


  6. That art looks pretty good to me.

  7. I finally succumbed to all of the brow beating with people telling me I need to read this title, and damn if they weren’t right.

    I picked up the run off of ebya, and this series is too fucking good for it’s own sake.  I’m about halfway through Casino Boogie, and it just gets better and better.

    Although now the pressure is on to get caught up by Monday morning so I can enjoy the show and not get spoiled.

  8. well i got this issue. and i’ll definitely be picking up the next one. freakin awesome story.

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