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  1. Man, this comic is absurdly good.  When it first came out I thought to myself, "What a lame concept."  Now I think to myself, "You have crappy initial taste in comics."  This is a true exploitation/noir comic, and I really didn’t even recognize that nature of it until I recently read Aaron’s "Ghost Rider", which is DEFINITELY an exploitation comic.  Anyway, I digress… if you’re looking for a hard core crime comic, this is what you’re after.

  2. While i disagree with scalped being an "exploitation" comic, i do agree that scalped is unbelievably awesome.

    Easily the best thing vertigo has put out since y the last man.

  3. This comic is scrumtrulescent.  I look forward to each one, and feel the need to sacrifice something to Jason Aaron’s god-like hold on my soul with this book.  Seriously, one of the best books out there month in and month out.

  4. I don’t know how many pulls this book will end up getting by Wednesday but I know it’s not enough.  This book is too damn good.

  5. @Neb

     that is the single best commentary on scalped i’ve ever read.

  6. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Come on, friends. Buy Scalped!

  7. Im one of only a few people at my comic shop that picks this up in issues, and every wensday i try to get at least one new person to pick it up. The dynamic that exists between these characters is so compelling, and completely unique. There is such an abundence of material to pull from in these modern day reservations, i can’t forsee this book ever getting stale.


  8. Issue #10 – dealing with the kid on the reservation with dreams to make it out was probably the best comic I read all of last year.

  9. It took till about halfway through the second trade for this to click, but it has.  Not sure if I love it as much as the rest of you.  But those 6(?) issues replaying the same events from different viewpoints was amazing.  i love the next storyline (I’m back to issues…yay!) and i’m hoping to become as loyal as the rest of you.

  10. @Misterblank~  Thanks, I do what I can. 🙂  Seriously though, I think the last time this came out I wrote like an 8 page review talking about how good this book is.  It’s probably somewhere in the ether of this site by now, but yeah, this book is ridiculously good.

  11. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:



    did you see the cover for Final Crisis #1? It’s like getting hit in the face by Hal Jordan! 

  12. Hal’s always showing off and trying to look tough

  13. This book is so good that every month I eagerly grab it off the shelf, but also in the back of my mind I think well I guess this is the month it inevitably falls off and begins its descent back to earth because there’s no way they can keep this up. Luckily, I’m wrong every month as this just keeps getting better and better. "Scalped" is breathtakingly brilliant. A razor sharp modern-noir that immediately feels like a masterpiece with all the history of the crime genre, but never slavish to the past. It is very much in the here and now. I’m buying everything that Jason Aaron puts his name on.

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