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  1. I can’t believe there’s no comments about this book!

    As a huge fan of this series, I encourage all to pick this book up.  In fact, I bet you could find issues 13 and 14 on your racks and catch up with this arc.  It’s just so, so, so fucking good.  It’s THE best book Vertigo is putting out right now, hands down.

  2. I second what Neb said.

  3. I’ve read the first trade.  Second trade is on its way…and I’m picking up the issues to read when I catch up.  But trying to steer clear for a bit because I know somewhere in the middle of what I haven’t read is a big reveal…which I assume ties into the title Dead Mothers…

    …just in case you were wondering specifically where my comment was….

  4. Shameful lack of pulls.  Shameful.

    This book is doomed. 

  5. Issue #12 of this book was for me by far my favorite issue, its a semi standalone issue, where the pressure is really getting to bad horse. Sadly I dropped this book, just because it seems a little heavy for me on the grime, grit, and f#$%ed things happening on the reservation.

    If you guys liked this book, check out his ghost rider issue, I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Great writing, pacing, and it looks like the next issue will be killer. I never really liked Ghost Rider but Aaron’s work on Ghost rider was awesome, definitely a good jumping on point.

  6. EVERYONE!!!




  7. i’m buying it in trade, give me a brake already.


    just please tell me it gets better after issue 12? 

  8. @edward

     personally, i think the series actually gets better every single issue. Both the art and the writing.

     Why do you ask, have you not been enjoying the series?

  9. Yeah, I was late on this one, but so glad I got on board. Each issue is better than the last and the story just gets deeper. When our boy finds the thing his mother saved of his in this issue it was the biggest punch in the gut since Cassidy let Jesse go (okay, that’s an exageration, but I want to say THIS book is the future of Vertigo, post-Y). 

  10. @MisterBank


    i think the idea of the series is better than it’s exicusion. I felt the trade was very disappointing. The ultra violence was unbelievable so the characters seemed like charactitures.

    that said the second trade was much better 


  11. @edward: I agree that, at times, the violence and macho posturing of many of the characters is over the top and leans dangerouly close to charactiture.  Is a lack of any clear good characters bothering you?  Sometimes I wonder if anyone in this book can be redeemed and I worry that none of them are even worth it.  But that’s part of the challenge of Scalped.  It definitely is a tough book sometimes.  I think the second trade is the best thing I’ve read this year. 

  12. IMHO this is the best comic book around. scalped is probably one of the best written works of fiction i’ve ever come across. some say the pacing is too slow. not for me because i want to read this forever!

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