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The world’s mightiest man is back – and that spells trouble! Mighty Man returns, and it’s no cause for celebration as his rampage threatens to level what’s left of the Windy City! What hope does Malcolm Dragon have against the most powerful being to ever walk the face of the Earth?

story, art, & cover ERIK LARSEN

Price: $3.50
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  1. This is exciting! As is common with this title, fresh tracks are sure to be laid. Kind of reminds me of the excitement back when the status quo was changed with the start of the ‘Savage World’ arc.

  2. Well, why not?

  3. If my LCS was carrying this book I would totally pick it up, but sadly things just didn’t work out that way.

  4. same thing here my store doesn’t carry it as well.

  5. @mustbedamned, @nightfall- Demand Savage Dragon from your LCS. Mine doesn’t stock but one or two for the shelves, but he always keeps one back for me.

  6. Well i can’t make it to my store till saturday but i’ll see if he can order this issue for me and if i like it i’ll see if you can start getting them in for me.

  7. If your store does not carry it, let it order it for you. Even after it has been released, it can be re-ordered most of the times.

  8. Seriously, that’s your faults more than your store.  Either tell your store to order it for you, or find a store/service that gets the comics you want to read.  I realize not everybody has tons of choices, but between the internet and good communication skills, we should not have trouble getting the books into paying customers’ hands.

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