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  1. What are the odds of someone who has never read any Savage Dragon picking this issue up and liking it?  It seems like it’s not that complicated, but might be something of an acquired taste.

  2. I suggest going back and reading 145+146 before this or just skipping it all altogether and picking up Savage Dragon #148 which should be a excellent jumping on point (for free on FCBD). But issues 145+146 were pretty awesome so you’d be missing out :).

  3. Yea, 145 basically re-set the character. Thats where I jumped on, and I loved it. I’m really excited for this, its good fun, good art, and interesting story.

  4. I’ve tried jumping in to SD at many points without success.  I tried again at issue 145 and it was a good point to jump on.  #146 was enjoyable as well.

  5. Like everybody said: #145 was designed to be a jumping on point. But I guess you shouldn’t be completely lost when you just pick up #147 if #145-146 are not available.

    If you have access to backup-issues and got a few bucks left, pick up #144, too. Larsen used some experimental storytelling there which worked out great.

  6. I would say either 145 or 146 will do. 146 is basically exposition from a different perspective of what was going on during 145, pretty much.  So damn good. 144 was excellent as well.

  7. Just jump on, if you like it pick up the last few issue, if you are unsure, just flip through the last one and I guess you would know you would like it.

  8. Thanks guys. I happened to be near my shop today so I went in and picked up 145, and they’re going to try to track down a 146 for me.  It was pretty interesting.

  9. My stoer didn’t get this or Viking. Disappointing.

  10. This issue was pretty good, but i’ve been re-reading the series and am currently around issue 55 and it is quite striking how bad the art is in the current issues compared to 10 years ago. The pencils then were tight and sleek, but not everything is scratchy and very loose. This realization probably hurt my view of the last few issues.

  11. I guess thats a matter of taste. I prefer the art now. It’s not as tight, I give you that, but it more dynamic, the anatomy is better and it’s not as overworked as his older stuff, where Larsen just added lines for the sake of adding lines (like many artists still do, e.g. David Finch). Not a fan of that.

    What I try to say: Loose art doesn’t equal bad art (or good art). It’s just a style decision (and a matter of taste).

  12. Eh, for me the art has been a bit downhill since the fantastic looking issue 145. I think 148 will be better though.

  13. Yeah, I haven’t been a fan of the fill-in art either.

    Anyway, solid book, not incredible, not terrible, but a solid 3-stars

    Huge ups to Image for making the next regular issue a FCBD issue, though!

  14. I read an interview with Larsen about FCBD and he said he had to do the past few issues’ art out of order. So that may be why there is a drop off.

  15. Pumped that Larson will be in Chicago at Challengers Comics for a signing on FCBD.  Nice!

  16. @ Bendrix

    I think what I like the least of the current art is the facial expressions, or lack there of. I understand that he’s gotten away from the "Image style" of overly rendered hulking men, but the faces have very little definition. Of course it is a style change, but Larsen’s stuff used to be heavily Kirby influenced in it’s tightness and I think it was much cleaner looking. 

  17. Issue #145 was my first Savage Dragon read. I really am liking this title and cannot wait to read the next.

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