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  1. I’ve dropped a bunch of bad books recently to free up some cash – I haven’t read this since the early Image days.  Is this worth picking up?

  2. Ya I think its pretty good at the moment. Last issue was an experiment type issue and that was very good, if you see that pick it up, it will also bring you up to speed if you havent been reading it lately.

  3. How much is there to be caught up on – big green guy with fin punches stuff?

  4. This is supposed to be the "jumping on point" as far I can tell.  Should be a great place to start picking up agreat title!

  5. Yes!  Everyone buy it!  The last issue was amazing and tied up all kinds of loose ends, this will be a good jumping on point and the book is going to be on a tight monthly schedule.

  6. I’ve been reading it since i was 10 years old. and i can honestly say the books the best its been in years.

  7. Agreed. Excited for the new issue and new direction.

  8. Always been my favourite book but I have to admit it suffered a bit from the messed up schedule in the last years. But it’s back on track and better than ever. This issue should (havn’t read it yet) provide all the infos you need to go on from here.

  9. I’ve never read any Savage Dragon before, but have wanted to for a while now. I picked this issue up cause I heard it was a good jumping on point, and I enjoyed the hell out of this book. I wasn’t confused at all, so anyone worried about not understanding shouldn’t. The only thing that did confuse me was the 2-3 page backup pages, is that supposed to be a teaser for a new book, or somethign else? It didn’t seem to be connected to SD at all.

  10. That is going to be a new ongoing back up.  The guy that attacks the kids on the last page is a Dragon villain so it will tie in some how, but there have been plenty of completely unrelated back up stories over the years.

  11. This is a great jumping on point for new readers but I jumped on during the last arc so this was a lot of retread for me.

  12. My LCS owner is a huge fan of this title and has been trying to get me to read it for years. He finally forced this issue on me. He gave me a complementary copy provided I tell him what I think of it. Really good jumping on point. Don’t know if I have the funds to keep buying it regularly but my interest is definitely piqued.

  13. In a very odd turn of events, I could only get the Obama variant cover for this issue. While I’m an Obama supporter, I knda wanted the cool "Back in Blue" cover.

    Good issue, good jumping on point, but it wasn’t quite as good as it being POW lead me to believe. 

  14. Got the Wondercon variant (which is one of the most awesome covers ever) and jumped on. And I landed softly. Excellent POTW Ron.

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