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It’s a battle for the truth as Arcadia confronts her memories of “alien abduction” through hypnotic regression. Can she save her career? Can she even save her mind?

The first arc of SAUCER COUNTRY comes to a triumphant ending!

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Ryan Kelly
Cover by Ryan Kelly

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  1. Best new comic of 2012. And yes I read Saga 😛

  2. This issue is the last chance for me to want to continue reading the series. It’s good, but not ‘monthly’ good. More like a trade wait for me.

    Thankfully it is the last issue of the arc so it is not a bad way to end.

  3. This book is slow it doesn’t really seem slower than Justice League, Animal Man, or a number of other popular superhero comics.

  4. I think a lot of people are kind of conditioned by the more mainstream (read: superhero) comics that apparently need a big DUN DUN DUN!!! SHOCKER of an ending each time or some big fancy action scene that when a comic comes along with issues that are just part of a bigger story and doesn’t rely on those HOLY SHIT moments all the time, people start saying it’s slow. It’s like comic readers all suffer from ADD or something.

    • One of the most informed comments on the psychology of comic book readers I’ve ever read.

      Maybe it’s my age (33), but I stopped needing someone punched or kicked every five pages a long time ago.

    • “Rapturous Applause!”

    • Enthusiastic Cheer! (Rapturous applause being taken by our esteemed colleague microwave25)

    • Well put sir!

      Going back to the comments at the top, I feel this is also one of the reasons I put this book above Saga. I am really enjoying that book and am a big fan of BKV in general, but every issue of Saga so far, much like Y: The Last Man, has ended on some kind of cliffhanger. That just isn’t necessary. People are going to read your book if the world and storytelling are interesting, a cliffhanger isn’t needed every issue.

    • I thought I was going to get slaughtered for that comment. Phew! 😀

      And yeah, I agree about cliff-hangers in general. When they’re there too often, especially every issue it actually puts me off a book. I almost find it insulting, if that makes sense to anyone. A comic issue can be fantastic 5/5 potw material without there being a shocker at the end. In a way I understand why they’re there, the comic business being relatively small and competitive and sales decrease from one issue to the next so if there’s that cliff-hanger at the end if might just persuade some of those people who were thinking of dropping it to buy the next issue to see what happens next. I get all that. But at the same time I feel that including a cliff-hanger all the time suggests that the writer doesn’t have faith in the strength of his writing and storytelling or doesn’t have faith that the readers have the attention span any better than that of an 8 year old over-dosing in sugary drinks.

      Anyway, this issue was good, not as good as some of the previous issues but a good wrap-up to the first arc. I hope this one goes on for quite some time!

  5. I have mixed feelings on this title. I think I want to like it much better than I actually do. Which sucks, I really wanted to like it! Its pacing is awkward, not slow, like others are saying. It’s got an uneven mix of emotion to strategy which is why I like it. But it’s late at payoff rather than allowing for more to occur per issue which I find, actually, distracting.

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