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Why is there a gap in the Governor’s files when it comes to Roswell? Michael investigates the secrets of his abduction, powerful enemies gather against the Alvarado campaign, and Arcadia makes the most desperate decision of her life.

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Ryan Kelly

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. There should be a variant with those aliens replaced with rabbits

  2. This is now one of my favourite comics.

  3. That cover is great. Reminds me of the movie Falling Sky? I think thats the alien movie im thinking of. This book is fun as hell.

    • “Fire in the Sky”, great movie. I think you combined it with the TV show “Falling Skies”

      This book is great, I’m excited to delve into the mystery more.

    • YES! That was it. Best Alien abduction movie I have seen. Staring DB Sweeny is his best roll next to cutting edge of course. haha
      Falling Skies the show is alright, ill be watching season two. But yea, I’m excited where this is going. And usually anything involving Roswell is going to peak my interest.

    • Fire in the Sky is simply amazing. I’m with ya, best abduction film ever.

  4. Amusing to see this doing better than Demon Knights.

    • I had very high hopes for this title. Especially with it being under the Vertigo umbrella. It makes me sad that it’s both slow and jumping all over the place. It’s on my short list to be cut. But the naked butt probe sequence was kinda hot in a weird kink kind of way. Don’t these alien guys know about KY?

  5. I’m switching to trades because I like this story so much…I know I’ll want it collected and sitting on my shelves. Great book and very much a surprise hit for me.

  6. Christ, that cover scares the shit out of me. I love this series but it doesn’t jive with my fear of alien abduction. Gotta face your fears head on though.

  7. One of the best series out right now.

  8. My favorite series of 2012 so far.

  9. Not sure if this has one or two more issues till the first arc is over. Whatever the case is, that’s all I’m giving this series before I decide to trade wait or not. This isn’t a bad series, but it isn’t as exciting or intriguing as I thought it could be.

  10. Great story. Compelling and rich.

  11. 5/5, potw… though it’s still at 0.0% as potw… glad my vote counts lol

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