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Arcadia finally learns the “truth” about the alien invasion—but what she chooses to do with that information will change the world forever!

Don’t miss the FINAL ISSUE of this mind-bending series!

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Ryan Kelly
Cover by Ryan Kelly

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I’m bummed this is the final issue, but it’s not so bad since it’ll likely be back soon, just at a new publisher.

    • Are there any particular plans or anything confirmed with that?

    • I followed up on this myself and based on Cornell’s last couple blog posts Saucer Country will be coming back for ‘season 2’ sometime next year. I didn’t see any details on a publisher and what not.

      But that’s good to know and I’m glad they made the decision not to rush to a finale in this Vertigo run.

    • Paul Cornell wrote on his twitter feed that they are working with another publisher to keep it going. And also wrote the last page of this issue states [end of season one], but Vertigo removed it to just say The End. That’s funny.

  2. I have about 5 issues of Saucer Country saved up. Figured I’d read them through to the last issue once I get it.

  3. Bummed to see this go.

  4. I’m very pleased by the way the characters have been portrayed in this book. Not one stereotype to speak of. Imagine that. When its put out by another publisher: I’m there.

  5. This series started slow, but really picked up in the second arc. I’m going to miss it, but glad that Cornell will be able to resume the story in the near future . . .

  6. Glad the story is going to start again somewhere else. Shame so much of the election was cut out though.

    • I agree that the election season seemed rather shortened. I remember picking up one issue and going “oh wait, she’s the nominee now . .?”

  7. Sad to see this one go but got really excited reading these comments about it going to another publisher. Hopefully Image

  8. This felt like a Scooby Doo episode where you find out all the crazy stuff that happened actually had a reasonable explanation. I preferred the mystery. This was an engrossing series and I’m sad to see it go. Hopefully it will return at some point but keep its sense of wonder.

    • My reading of this issue was that while Cornell answered some mysteries, there would have been a bunch of new ones to ponder in the next arc. Hopefully, we’ll have that chance in the not too distant future . . .

  9. The end of this series marks the first time since 1994 when I haven’t had a single Vertigo book on my pull list.

  10. “He’s just a very naughty boy . . . ”

    All my Saturday mornings should include a reference to The Life of Brian, really, they should . . .

    Another strong issue. If this is the last issue, at least there is some closure, though, I’m glad Cornell did not feel pressured to leave things too tidy. Hopefully we’ll see more once he has the rights back . . .

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