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SAGA #10

Marko and Alana’s long-lost babysitter Izabel finally returns to the fold, but at what cost?

Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Letters by Fonografiks
Cover by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 39.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. No cover, no solicit info, and I don’t care!

    But seriously, I’m really loving that the only source of information about these characters and this world is coming from the story itself.

  2. Looks like this book is going on a hiatus every 6 issues, because its not solicited for may.

    • And i’m cool with that.

    • I would assume a little break & then back on track in June, but next trade is out in July & with the first one there was a month missed then so who knows?!
      But if the odd break here & there is needed for Staples to do her amazing thing, then I can live with that!

    • Yeah count me in on the totally cool with the scheduled break thing. Very cool that it’s Staples all the way. Love Saga!!!

    • Though I shudder to even consider it, does anyone think that they may take a more extended hiatus at some point? If BKV intends this to be a true saga (lasting years), I think it’s reasonable that Fiona might want to take a break to draw something different for a little bit, right?

      On the other hand, BKV is already proving he’s got loads of interesting ideas to fill out this world, so maybe (hopefully) she’ll never get bored!

    • Add me to the list of people who likes the breaks. It’s not that I don’t mind them, being a poor student I find usefully to take a break, plus the trades coming out then gives me something to thrust in people’s faces and say “read this” knowing that if they do they’ll be all caught up to jump on with the next round of issues.
      As for the idea of longer breaks that @KenOchalek brought up, I wouldn’t mind it either as long as they come back to it and keep doing what they do.

    • May it pass quickly

  3. I have a friend who I occasionally share a comic with here and there if it’s something that I think he’ll enjoy. He’s been reading this and Manhattan Projects with fervor. He’s never been a regular comics reader, so he doesn’t really understand the scheduling, and every time I see him (which is often), he asks me “Did you bring a new Saga?!” Sometimes it’s only been a week since the last issue, and I have to gently explain to him that it comes out once a month. He’s not a fool. He gets the idea of a monthly schedule. But he’s so excited about the book that he feels a lot more time has elapsed between the issues than it actually has (the two-month break was a trying time).

    As a seasoned reader who’s been doing this for so long, I almost envy him. A kind of childlike enthusiasm comes from him that you don’t usually see in our circles.

    Anyway, I’m running out of thing to say about this book so I wanted to share that. As usual, I’m looking forward to saying “Yes.” the next time he asks.

    • Your friend sounds like he might be brain damaged.

    • He’s not. Being excited about a comic book just isn’t something he’s used to. It’s not important enough for him to keep track of, so he forgets. My point is, someone who doesn’t normally like comics is enjoying this book.

    • That’s really cool to read, man. Sometimes the weekly/monthly thing turns into a grind, or at least a routine, so it’s kinda re-energizing in itself to hear about someone being so enthusiastic & naive about the process. “Prophet” & “The Massive” kinda do that for me sometimes. Like they sneak up on you, but also it seems like forever between issues.

  4. The series that epitomizes ‘So good it’s hard to talk about it’ for me. I’m sure it will be a 5 star issue, but it always is hard to discuss it.

  5. If Saga was personified and embodied in a living being, I would totally go down on Saga. 😛

  6. I should actually start reading it. It’s the only series I pull which I never even opened.

  7. Izabel is awesome. Giant flaming gorillas to win! Either I just haven’t read Saga in a while or this is the best issue yet.. does it matter? Not really.

  8. Did anyone in the uk manage to get this issue? My comic book store didn’t get it because gail force winds stopped the deliveries of it, most other comics made it though.

    • No I live in Ireland and my store didn’t get it in either. Don’t think any Image comics were shipped actually. Real bummer.

    • Yeh, same here. Revival and Happy are also delayed for me because of the weather on the east coast of the USA, as was Star Wars last week. They are scheduled to come with all the comics next week I think.

  9. Man Mr. Vaughn really likes to punch me in the gut, but still, great issue. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much reading an issue yet, but this guy and his final pages, so sneaky.

  10. Ouch. That last page hurt.

  11. Love this book to death. This is only issue 10 and the title of the book is called “Saga”, so far he has killed off two of, not only the most interesting characters, but my personal favorites. Here’s hoping The Stalk and today’s casualty turn up again.

  12. Nooo!!!! Why did he/she/it had to die!?

    Great issue as always.

    Once again though I must point out how TERRIBLE that book is Marko and Alana loves.


    • Yeah, the book has been a really great touch of humor for the series. I love thinking about BKV consciously having to write like that, & what kind of research must have gone into it. — But then in this issue, he adds another layer to it, which was awesome. Alana & Marko seemed a little too smart to love that stuff, so building in a political subtext was a really nice twist. (But I love that they’re both cheesy romantics too; that’s a nice nuance for their characters & motivations.)

  13. last page made me say “FUCK YOU” out loud.

    so this is reading BKV in issues…

  14. Another great issue, the opening scene with Alana and Marko pulled me right back in to their story after their absence last issue. But come on, Lying Cat is too cool to leave in space, right?

  15. That did not just happen. I will remain in denial until the next issue, at which point I will rejoice or dust of my robes of mourning.

    For now, though, that did not just happen.

  16. I have to admit I made a mistake last month. Saga 9 should have been my pick of the week. I took Daredevil over Batman and then read Saga. Oops. That being said 10 was another solid issue though for me not as good as 9.

    • Issue 9 is my least favorite of the series. I think 10 is one of the best. Brilliant issue. My potw. Issue 9 wasn’t bad though, just might have been my only 4 star issue of the series.

  17. The final page made me feel the same way my girlfriend felt after the last episode of Downton Abbey. WHYYYYY?!?!?!

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