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  1. I’m so ready to drop this.  Can anyone convince me not to?  I love these kids, but I’m not sure about the art so much anymore.  It feels like so much more of a kids story than it used to.

  2. I acutally didnt mind how "kiddie" it looked but the panels were hard to follow, and the fight scenes were really croweded and confusing. I usually like Ramos but somehting about this series didn’t go so well. 

  3. I have to agree. I love this series, I love the characters, I love Terry Moore, I can get past the art put this just isn’t right. The writting seems domb downed. I get that chase is dumb a lot of the time but he’s just become the jock. It’s a sad day for Runaways

  4. Terry Moore’s ending his run with #9, and I haven’t hated it so far, so I’ll stick around. It’s still very mediocre. Definitely looking foward to Miyazawa, though.

  5. I’m just glad Ramos is gone. The real question is whether or not to stay after Moore is gone.


  6. AH.  That makes sense.  With Moore leaving, I really don’t feel like there’s much more to read about.  At least Young Avengers is coming back, but I loved how this group was always on the outer edges of the action.  Oh well.  This reboot was unsuccessful.

  7. Takeshi Miyazawa is penciling, one of the ORIGINAL Runaways pencillers, and he is brilliant on pencils!

  8. It is official, went to the shop today, Runaways was in my pull stack, and back on to the shelf it went.  No more I say.

  9. eh i guess im the only one who really liked this one.

  10. I ended up liking it more than I thouhgt. It’s like Moore just now got what he should be writing. The art’s better, I never like the redone Nicos though. It almost feels like the writing was dumbed down for the art before.

  11. Love the characters, any artist who can draw decent is good for me, but I hate Terry Moore. 

    He does kids stories, not even teenagers stories how Runaways started. Oh boy those were really good times with Vaughan writing them. Hell I liked any other artist on Runaways. But Terry Moore is killing the characters, not especially because it looks like it’s written for kids, but IT’S DAMN BORING. NOTHING HAPPENS WITH THE CHARACTERS.

    I am still reading this because of the characters and because it has sometimes fun moments. 

  12. I was immensely relieved that my LCS owner got my note to drop this. Pulling up to the store I had this sudden flash of dread that I’d have to pay for another issue of this. So sad what’s become of this book as it is one of the main series that brought me back to the fold.

  13. I actually decided to give Runaways a second chance. I dropped it after issue 5, so I picked this one and the last one up. Let me just say that I’ve dropped it once again and just hope the May issue is good when I flip through it in the store. Yost and someone else who’s name I can’t remember, so maybe it will be good considering Yost’s run on New X-Men. Only problem is that it will be $4 so it will ahve to look real good when I flip through it.

  14. @misterckent  Oo… dude WHAT DO YOU MEAN? It’s a very strong art style. Pick up X-men SUPERNOVAS hardcover Omnibus, it’s chalkfull of artists that pull it off better than Miyazawa. He’s just getting used to drawing the Runaways, I’m sure he’s not so sketchy on facial expressions elsewhere. Hurm… I do miss the art on the first trades "Pride and Joy" though.

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