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  1. Moore and Ramos are really building a great series. I literally can’t wait for each new issue.

  2. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Molly says it’s time to watch Iron Man.

  3. Word.

  4. This is my favorite issue of Runaways since BKV and Alphona left the series.  The characterization of Molly and Chase are spot on.  Moore and Ramos are getting better with every issue. 

  5. My thing about this (I’m about to start reading) is this tendency to cram a TON of stuff into this book. I glanced at the title page and I feel it’s so dense. That’s the problem with Whedon’s run. Too dense. This book feels almost too dense already.

  6. Previously I thought the art was a breath of fresh air for the series but it felt a bit much in this issue.

    The story really didn’t move much in this issue which gives me some pause in my expectations but I’ll just have to wait to see how this arc plays out. Not as great as the previous two issues.

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