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  1. Very tempting but I will attempt to wait for the trade.

  2. Oh bring this book on. Heck la.

  3. Big Humberto Ramos Fan, and this has been promised for a while. so I’m really looking forword to this.


    but I’m looking forward to Fairy Quest more. 

  4. The art looks great, the stories seem promising and it’s back on monthly.  To me, everything in the world finally seems right.

  5. Ron’s been raving bout Moore since ever, so I guess it’s time for me to give that dude’s work a try.

  6. I have been missing me some Runaways. I know my daughter will be happy to get this as well.

  7. Hmm, I wonder why the issue number reboot.

    I read all of Vaughn’s issues in the digest format, so will most likely follow suit with this. Still waiting to see if Whedon’s run will get the digest treatment to match Vaughn’s, or if they are only doing regular size hardcover/paperback for it.

  8. @androidmoser – Sales.  First issues sell better.  Plus, I think they want to refresh this series after all the Whedon delays.

  9. I’m more excited for this than anything else. At comic-con I got a Nico Minoru sketch from Ramos. He also promised that the book will be coming out on time.

    I thought there were so many interesting ideas in Whedon’s run. I was fascinated with all those turn of the century characters and wanted to see a spinoff just about them. But by the last issue of the run I literally had no idea wtf was going on. 

  10. it was good, but man, sometimes about terry moore’s work for hire books rub me the wrong way. i love echo and i need to read strangers in paradise.i guess i just really want vauhgn back on this.

  11. I really liked this issue. I think it kinda just felt like a new look on the characters. Fresh on the art too and just overall good.

  12. It took me about 2 pages to get used to Ramos’ art. I love his style but seeing it in the first few panels was kinda jarring and I had to get used to it. One thing that I think Moore nailed was how to write Molly. All her little one liners were just sweet and gave me a bit of a smile. I’m really excited to see where this book goes. Although i’ll admit i think the radio station stuff kinda felt like a lot of nothing

  13. I think a new art look was a perfect way to really emphasize a fresh start for the title. It helped add to the fun feel in this issue and the story ran along very smoothly.  Excited for the next issue.

  14. I really hated the colouring on this book, it was really competing with the line work. Humbeto’s work is busy enough without a layer of busy colouring on top off it.

  15. Did anyone else think it was inappropriate for the Lady Bullseye ad to be in this book?  I know that a lot of younger readers read this book.  I think that art for that ad was beautiful, I just think it should have been placed in another book.

  16. As I said in my review, this is the first book by Terry Moore that I’ver ever read. How does it rate compared to some of his other books?

  17. @J4K3  I think it would be hard to say after one issue.  The only other stuff by him that I’ve read is "Strangers in Paradise", but I’m sure that true of most people.  It took a little while for Strangers to gain momentum, but once it did, it was awesome.  So I guess, just wait and see.

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