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Price: $14.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Wow. I was worried we were going to get a crappy trade for this. Guess I forgot that Image’s trades never fail to deliver (unlike DC). 


    Yes I hate DCs trade system. 

  2. This was AWESOME in issues but I would be lying if I said that I’m not a little disappointed that I didn’t wait for trade for the extras. I will at least flip through it to see what I am missing (and maybe just sit and read the extras at my LCS).

  3. Wow that’s a steep price considering the 2 issues would’ve been $12.84 together.

    That’s like almost another issue worth of comic in there; almost since the issues were both $5.99.

  4. i NEVER found the 2nd issue so i kinda have to get this…

  5. Damn those extras might make me double dip….also this way I can lend out the issues and not worry about them getting wrecked.

  6. they were great to read.  pick it up if you havnt read it. 

  7. Yes cant wait to get this!!! I wanted to pick it up when heard about on the podcast but my trusty shop was out the first issue so i was a good girl and waited…..for once.

  8. I may have to splurge and pick this up.

  9. Really looking forward to picking this up.  Heard good things about the issues and now with all that bonus material as creepy as it may be it’s a must buy.

  10. Wait a tic….what’s this with Charles Manson and the Ramirez? Is this like an extra thing with a comic format….or is this an actual interview with those two?

    That’s scary to think if it’s the latter option.

  11. I want to echo an earlier Next Champion thought…isn’t the price really steep here?  This is a black and white book, I think about 80 pages, and they want 15 bucks.  I was going to get this due to the raves of the Big Three, but the book is 3-6 dollars more than I was hoping to spend.

  12. 48 pages of extras is almost like getting a third issue.  I don’t think an extra couple of bucks is too much to ask for that, plus delivered in a nicer format. 

  13. @magnum240:  Have to agree.

    This sounds like a great trade release.

    And…if the price seems too high, there’s always somewhere to find stuff cheap online. 

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