Price: $6.00
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. I hope my LCS gets this… I’ll order from Oni directly if I must.

  2. 6 bucks for a trade is a no-brainer.

  3. I ahve never heard of this before but I really want it 😮

  4. This has been in my Amazon wishlist for a long time. Hopefully my LCS gets it.

  5. First heard about this on Attack of the Show: Fresh Ink with Blair Butler. She compared it to Walking Dead only with aliens instead of zombies. Can’t beat a 6 dollar TPB for the entire 6 issue run plus an annual. How can you not pick this up?

  6. Hmmm, $6?  I’ll keep it in mind

  7. It’s a shame the new series is going to be in color.

  8. I didnt realize it was so many issues. I WILL get this, then. There are more issues after the trade, right? It’s an ongoing?

  9. @sgrsickness: Volume 2 is starting in issues in a few weeks. There is also a free comic book day comic #0 coming out. Not sure if it an ongoing though, I think it’s another mini.

  10. Holy crap!  Six bucks for a trade of a series I’ve heard nothing but good things about?  Sign me up!

  11. I was ready to pull til someone said it was like the walking dead. urgh.

  12. @deadspace: What don’t you like about Walking Dead? I can’t think of anything bad about it.

  13. Wow, 6.00, Image is really looking out for reader to break into these new books. But I’m sure the people who bought all the issue are pissed. When they did the same thing for the new Darkness.

  14. Actually, Oni is putting this out, not Image. 

     I’m actually confused why Oni is no longer doing B&W issues. I loved Q&C because it had such fantastic B&W art. 

  15. Oh, sorry, my mistake.

  16. Yeah….6 bux is a deal for sure. I’ll be getting this one.

  17. @comicdork37: the only bad thing about the Walking Dead is that after every trade I read I have to lock myself in my closet for a few hours and just cry everything I read out

  18. I picked this one up.  Haven’t read it yet, but 6 dollars for so much content, I just couldn’t pass.  Looking forward to reading this one.

  19. @comicdork – i don’t like anything about it *shrugs*. it’s totally and utterly contrived.

    oh – imo. 

  20. This was good (not Walking Dead good) but the art was a little inconsistent and made it hard to keep track of characters. I think I will wait for the trade of the follow-up volume coming out soon in issues. Definitely worth 6 bucks.

  21. I am pretty sure Comicdork nailed it on the head.  I think the art makes characters hard to follow at times.  I also would say that I wish they would have gone the Walking Dead route and follow one of those story lines that they set out to do, instead of jumping around, which was made confusing, as I stated earlier, by the art. 

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