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A PLUS! ‘HARMONICS’ The shocking enemy revealed as the final conflict for dominion of all space-time begins.

It’s World War 4D!

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  1. Yet another solid book that’s going to be ignored because of DC.

    The story hasn’t gelled with me so far but the art by Pitarra though? I could look at it all day.

  2. I don’t think the DC reboot is having much effect on a 4 issue mini from Image about time traveling pilots. It’s good, but it is not stop the presses good. Its buzzability was always going to be low.

    But it is definitely good. I think the story needs a lot more than 4 issues to expand. And maybe eventually it will get it, with a Volume 2, etc. We’ll see.

  3. I’ve been loving the art too… all the white space is a nice look too…. and yeah i agree, a 4 issue mini for all that they want to hit here seems really short, no?

  4. The end of #2 really got me excited for this.

  5. Buying this. I enjoy Hickman’s writing.

  6. great mini…

  7. Sorry I did not buy this because I said I was not going to and for some reason I had to comment on this.
    IT SUCKS!!

    just sayin’,


  8. Overall, I felt it was the weakest of the three issues. The issue 2 cliff hanger had my expectations a little too high. Still a fun read though. Loved the “headed for oblivion” splash.

  9. is anyone else just completly confused, also i am having a hard time rembering what happend in the last issue. Well thats probaly the answer to my problem.

    • There are definitely some issues with what is actually going on storywise. I feel like the way the story has been paced, there needs to be like 10 more issues. But it is slated for 4, so I guess this last issue will wrap up some stuff, but mostly leave us hanging for a sequel mini. However I am intrigued by the concept, and as others have said the art is wonderful.

    • This is a big steaming pile of sh*t and there really seems to be no story and the art is crap as well. I started on the series because I was told it would be great. From issue #1 it sucked and I even tried issue #2 which was just as bad and I dropped this title and I disliked it so much that here I am commenting on it!!

      Just sayin’,


    • You should tell us how you really feel?

  10. I like it, but need more story development. How can this reach any plausible finality in the 4th issue?

  11. This was my first ever Hickman book, besides the first issue of FF, and I’m dropping this even with one issue to go. I just really don’t care about anything going on in any way. There are no interesting characters, the time travel air fights haven’t really been used to their fullest yet, and the art just isn’t very good.

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