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RED WING #2 (OF 4)

Lost in time — deep in enemy history — the Captain of the First Wing must find a way home so that he can begin the space-time program that will one day save his future.


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  1. Yes, please. 🙂

  2. I wish there was an option to buy this book with on pencils.

  3. Only*

  4. Nick Pitarra gave me a free sketch cover for issue #1 last week! Super nice!*

    *Note this will not sway in my views of the issue….well maybe it will… 

  5. Hickman is great.

  6. Well; do not worry after I read this I will give an honest opinion because I have no idea who half these artists and writers are in the industry. I read way to many books to keep track of whos who half the time. I do appretiate thier works, all of them, since they are the professionals and they are here to entertain me for my money. Last issue was a good start for my taste and thats really what it is all about; because each person is diffenrent.
         Anyway sorry to busy babbling on and on…… Lets see what happens this issue if I stay with it.
    Just sayin’

  7. I love Jonathan Hickman, liking this concept too

  8. @Flash923  Best. Comment. Ever.

  9. i enjoyed last issue more than i anticipated. looking forward to this…

  10. It has been excrutiating to trade wait this one. I figured 4 issues, so I might be able to do it. I’ve never trade waited before, but my monthly collection is out of control. Hopefully it’ll be a hardcover.

  11. I find little to care about the story. These are the main characters Hickman picked but….he’s done nothing (other then the final page) for me to care about them. But the art by Pitarra? Gorgeous!


  12. Well here is my thought on this and mind you my opinion only:


    Just sayin’,

    p.s. I am done not buyin anymore of this!!

  13. I thought it was really great. Maybe better than the first, it’s starting to develop into something now. The end completely got me.

  14. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

  15. This issue brings less action than the first issue, but provides more engaging concepts about warfare across time and personal responsibility.  Excellent stuff, I loved it.

  16. loved the whole guy from the future talking to the Aztec chief, that was awesome, the way that was done.  I wanted more of that.

  17. SHIIIIT my store sold out. Hopefully they will get more next week.

    BTW, I’m two issues into Red Mass for Mars and it is awesome so far.

  18. This was pretty cool issue, solid art. Interesting storytelling devices like the prose type interludes in the middle.

    however, i was highly distracted by the subpar typesetting. Seriously, asking a comic letterer to set justified body copy is a recipe for disaster. Rivers, Widows and Orphans oh my! Paying attention to the kerning in headline copy should have happened as well. 

  19. I am really enjoying this book. Curious of its direction and excited by the twist ending!

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