• All-new ongoing!

• The Earth’s strongest female set on a path of destruction!!! Her enemies? Every powered being in the Marvel Universe!!!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Carlo Pagulayan & Wellington Alves
Colors by Val Staples
Cover by Carlo Pagulayan, Greg Horn, Ed McGuinness, & Skottie Young

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Red Hulk kinda went off the rails for me, interested to try this out though

  2. I just don’t understand why they think Red She-Hulk is going to be any more successful than regular She-Hulk. Obviously I am biased, looking at my avatar, but I am not into Betty Ross as a Hulk. It’s a shame though, because I like Jeff Parker, but I can’t see myself buying this.

  3. I think that Jeff Parker can make a fun book out of this. Thus, I’m in.

  4. I think Jeff Parker is gonna kill it with this 🙂 I have faith!

  5. The Defenders made me a fan of Red She-Hulk and I think Parker has a great angle on her here. This was a fine first issue with a cliffhanger I wasn’t expecting.

    Red Hulk started great and Parker magically made me interested in that character. I eventually dropped it due to a combination of erratic art, double shipping and crossovers. Hopefully this version of the book can keep its momentum better.

  6. Jeff Parker is one of the best writers at Marvel. Dude can handle anything they throw at him.

    • Yea, he’s certainly the most underrated in terms of general recognition and marketing hype. He really ‘gets’ how to write a good Marvel comic. He’s got a knack for giving characters distinct voices and has an uncanny ability to make me like characters who I find conceptually stupid.

  7. I’m still holding out for Plaid-Hulk.

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