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  1. I hope the art doesn’t suffer from split duty.

  2. well the cover looks good, but obviously that has nothing to do with the interior art

  3. Dexter Vines is the inker.

  4. Excellent.  I am considerably less worried.

  5. So we know this is one of the few post-Blackest Night storylines. I doubt it’ll have any bearing on the story but interesting no? Still not loving this series, though. 

  6. For some reason I’m most excited for this book out of all the others this week.  I had that feeling the other day, "What haven’t I read for about a month" and Red Robin jumped to mind.  I’m loving this series even though I’m not reading any other Bat book.

  7. I’m nothing but excited for this book! This is such a good book and tim is becoming one of my favorite dcu characters.

  8. This is my favorite of the bat books recently !

  9. I agree that this is a great book on it’s own.  I like to see Tim’s journey and cannot wait to see where he goes in April once Bruce’s story starts to roll out.

  10. With Batigirl this is one of my favourite Batman Books. I hope to read this!

  11. Yawn. Boring issue. Nothing really got advanced. I’m not really invested in Tam Fox. I’m a little tired of threats easily taking out Ras, it’s turned him from an interesting, mutli-layered Moriarity-type into a lame, easily defeated threat. Disappointing. 3/5 for me.

  12. This was certainly not the best issue of this title, but I still found the time jumps enjoyable.  I don’t really know why, but I like that story structure.  I’m looking forward to the conclusion.

  13. @Prax – I’m not fond of the way Ra’s was utilized in this issue, either.  There must be more to this.  Perhaps he is testing Tim.

  14. I liked it. I agree this wasn’t the best issue of the serie but it was good.

  15. I’m with Waka.

  16. I didn’t think this was the best of the arc, but it was pretty good stuff. 3/5.

  17. I liked this issue. 

    To me, this is the best Bat-book. I know it may not seem like it, but more happens to advance the story-line of the Bat family in this book than any other. 

  18. I’ll admit that this arc hasn’t been as good as the first, but because of the premise, I’ve got faith that the book will get back on track with issue 9 (first issue after this arc)  This issue wasn’t perfect but I still gave it a (very low) 5.  I’d say it’s my second favorite Batbook (behind Batgirl, and the jury’s still out for me on B&R, but that’s another story entirely)

    If nothing else, I -guarantee- you this book will get interesting in the Spring when Bruce’s return starts up. 

  19. I like To’s art; it’s similar in feel to Bachs but it has a polish and style all its own. This and Superman have both been presented in the post-Blackest Night timeframe, and both reference the event as if it was little more than a passing moment (vs. an earth changing event). It was odd to see the Kent farm whole and in tact so fast (in Superman), and Tim back with Ra’s so quickly that the storyline wasn’t even interrupted. I’m more interested in the Bruce Wayne search storyline than in the League story, so I hope the focus shifts back soon. In the mean time, this is still entertaining me.

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