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  1. Dick is a better fighter. But Tim is always well prepared. He did defeat Lady Shiva on his own, which is something Bruce would of had trouble doing.

  2. Unless this issue really hooks me I think I’m done with Red Robin…

  3. I have enjoyed this series.  I hope this issue doesn’t take it off track by returning Tim to Gotham.

  4. Really not impressed outside of the first issue.  Will probably drop it after this issue.

  5. I think that, right now, this is my second favorite of the Batbooks. And after next week it might be my favorite.

  6. I love that cover, has me thinking about the return of Ras’ arc (from the Morrison run).

    I’m a Tim Drake fan so I love seeing him on a grown up mission.

    The last writer for Robin was good (Fabian N.) but before that it was too much

    love sick teen titan for me, I’ll take detective Tim any day.


    I’m looking foward to seeing Conner Kent and Bart Allen show up, I think their return from the dead will reassure Tim that he is on the right path with his search for Bruce.

  7. I’ve enjoyed this book so far.  Tim on his own is awesome.  This issue has a confrontation between Dick and Tim but I can’t wait until Steph as the new Batgirl gets thrown in the mix.

  8. @conor – Is that because of the upcoming changes in creative teams?  Or, are you anticipating this book topping your current favorite?

  9. I think in all the bat books there are this is the third best after Batman and Robin and Detective. But thats just me.

  10. @DarthDuck: Because of the new artist on BATMAN & ROBIN.

  11. @conor: Is the guy really that bad?! That is like the 40th time I heard you mention it.

  12. @robby: Some people like his art. I don’t.

  13. @conor: I remember you saying the same during the Agent Orange arc in Green Lantern.  Art is obviously very subjective, but I’m just curious what it is you don’t like about it?

  14. This will probably be my last issue of this before it hits drop-city. Haven’t enjoyed it.

  15. I hope this a great issue because I really like the character Tim Drake and I’m happy he has his own book. I just hope they don’t get to crazy with all the time-shifts in this issue.

    I also think this is the third best bat-book currently, after Batman & Robin and Detective Comics (those books have been rediculously rad).

  16. I would certainly say I am enjoying this more than Detective, but not as much as B&R.  I guess I would put this as the second best current batbook. Though the Blackest Night tie-in has been solid, as well.

  17. Yeah, the Blackest Night tie-in has been great. I didn’t count it as it’s not an ongoing.

  18. detective is one beautiful book, but the story isnt measuring up to those visuals, red robin is neck in neck with B&R with me, cant wait to see how this grayson v. drake fight comes out.

  19. This is also the second best Bat book for me. Right behind B&R. At first I wasn’t a fan of Quietly’s art, but now I love it. Im also interested about the new artist on Red Robin and how it will turn out. From what I’ve seen so far, it looked really good.

  20. IMO Red Robin is "Detective Comics". The style is great and still feels the most Batlike of all the books. My enjoyment of all th others has waned but I will follow this one through. The new artist will be interesting, not sure of the name but I understand he has a strong Michael Turner style.


    I was ready to give this book a 5 until the very last page.  I love that Tim found the cave.  Excellent idea.  However, the fact that Tim gets stabbed so easily by generic bad guy, after being able to essentially defeat Dick, was ridiculous.  I’m just asking for a little consistency. 

  22. @stuclach, agreed. I thought this was a great issue, but was very disappointed to see Tim so easily stabbed by this Widower at the end.

  23. This was my last issue. Its not that its such a bad story. Its not really. But when I have the drugs that Morrison and Rucka give me, this becomes that much easier to drop.

  24. The only problem I have with this book is that it seems to be the one that’s pushing the story of bringing Bruce back.

  25. I really don’t see why this book’s getting just a negative buzz… especially after this issue.  I’d say its the close second best Batbook, and not by much (B&R being first)

  26. Well that sounded redundant… edit buttons would be nice.

  27. OH MY! This issue was awesome! The art was amazing from cover art to last page, I really hope Ramon Bachs is coming back on this book as I feel that he has just started to nail it.

    The story was excellent and the page in the cave was just great. 

    I have only read three of my books this week so far but im pretty sure this will be my POTW.


  28. @stuclach and crazychris:

    It made since to me that he got stabbed. Him taking out Dick was before he left Gotham. But he is becoming sloppy, as shown throughout the previous issues. Before he went into the desert, Tim has an inner monologue about how complacent he is becoming when the soldiers catch him at the airport. This makes him getting stabbed seem more logical.

  29. ***sense*** can’t believe I spelled that wrong…

  30. @supertrackmonkey – Sloppy, yes, so sloppy that generic villain guys nails him with a life-threatening stab wound, no.  Your explanation makes it somewhat more believable, but I just didn’t buy it.

  31. I guess I should be used to having opposite opinions to a lot of people, but … I’m baffled as to how people are liking this. This has not been a good book on any level (IMO!) & this issue was the worst one yet.
    *note: if you like this book, don’t take my opinion of it as a personal insult. This is common sense I know but some rabid G-Mo fans have made me weary 😛

  32. @WadeWilson – How do you feel about Tim as a character?  I’m a rather large fan and am therefore admittedly biased.  I have enjoyed the story so far, but that may be because I want Tim to be proven right and that has been what is happening. SPOILERS When Tim found that cave painting I was instantly excited. 

  33. Great issue.  Better then the last two by a lot.  I’m going to continue happily buying this book right on through the eventual name change.  You see, it’s bound to be subtitled sooner or later as Red Robin : The Hunt for Bruce Wayne. 

  34. I want the page of Tim looking at that cave painting to be tattooed on my soul. goddamn that was cool

  35. I do love that they brought in the cave painting from Final Crisis.

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