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  1. Good things come to those who wait.  This book looks amazing.

  2. @Harper: It cant be that la….

    Sweet Zombie Jesus!! October 1st!?


  3. Oh shit Zombie Jesus! Run for your life!

     It’s been too long, Image really needs to release his books on a better schedule.

  4. Woohoo!

  5. looking forward to seeing this book wrap it up – been a fun read to this point

  6. Everytime I get out….Hickman pulls me back in!

  7. Going to dig up my first two issues to re-read. I remember issue 2 having a great ending.

  8. who can say "over-rated"?

  9. Edward you’re an instigator, peeing on the parade.  I think you’re probably right but I’ll probably get it anyway.

  10. Over-rated! I said it but Hickman is pretty good. Take that back. Really good with the build but I find his final issues usually disappoint. Pax-Romana, Transhuman, Nightly News. Love all the issues in every series expect the last one in each case. His endings are a let down in my opinion.

  11. Edward offers a different perspective. Even if it is usually negative. Hes at least interesting and stirs things up

  12. Negative? honest.

    but you know i’ll still get it

  13. The avatar says it all.

  14. you should see the un-corped image

  15. I’m a happy that this series is going to finish. Since Hickman has gone to Marvel I was really having my doubts that we would even see issue #’s 3 & 4.

  16. This is a prime candidate for the straight-to-trade market.  Why not just release the entire thing at once, as a graphic novel, when it is all complete and skip the floppies?

  17. @NJBaritone

    mine as well considering the crazy delays

  18. really looking forward to this, but will have to re-read 1&2.  Glad this didn’t go directly to a trade.

  19. @ NJBaritone… I would be pissed if the just skipped the issues and put out the trade. I already bought the first half of the story (first 2 issues) and don’t want to have to pay for them again to buy a trade and see how the story ends.

  20. i thought this was surprisingly good. I’m not going to act stupid over it but it was alright

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