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It’s Green Lantern Guy Gardner vs. the first Red Lantern of Earth!

Rancorr – once the human John Moore – was born in the fires of heartbreak and rage, but why do his powers work unlike any other Red Lantern’s? And why will he be such an important player in the upcoming Red Lantern civil war?

Cover by ED BENES

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  1. I actually can’t remember if I took this off my list yet. So maybe it gets one more chance. They probably should’ve brought Guy Gardner in a little earlier.

  2. This is probably going to be my POW, this has been consistently in my top 5 books since issue #1 and i am just loving all of these characters and the Bleeze is one of the hottest new females in the DCU!! I still think her and the A-man are going to become an item one way or another.


    • how will they maintain their rage if they fall in love?
      will it become the red ring of passion? a wedding ring?
      on the honeymoon, they’d just beat the shit outa each other and love it, like eminem and that crazy chick he married.

    • @sitara119 – You know I am right….they just beat the shit out of each other and have angry sex. In the heat of passion have you not ever lost control and pulled some hair or grinded your teeth down just a little?? I think rage as an emotion is not always evil and does not always need to be vengeful; it can be part of a fiery passionate sexual relationship. Wow, I sound like Dr. Ruth now; BWAAH-HAHA-HA!! The way things are going to me it feels like they are courting each other in some strange way or perhaps I am crazier than I sound right now?! Wedding rings, wedding rings? They’ve got rings already and perhaps it is a larger hearum that the leader of the Red Lantern can put together?? Anyway yes maybe…..
      Still can’t wait to see how this is going to unfold with Guy jumping into the mix with the new recruit from Earth. Guy has way to much experience as a ring wielder and should have no problem on this first battle with the new Red Lantern. If he does than something has gone terribly wrong; or maybe he gets some back up right away? Let’s see what happens?


    • you may be right, sir. you may be right…

  3. I wish this was more awesome like Milligan’s X-Statix, but it’s still pretty cool.

  4. I like how almost nothing happened in six issues, and yet I’m still interested in reading it.

  5. This was still decent but 7 issues in I feel like the series is going no where fast. Some of the characters are intriguing but due to the nature of the Red Lanterns they all remain one dimensional. The Red Lanterns are ridiculous and over the top and I’m cool with that. The problem is the comic is also humorless and I’m getting tired to reading it. It’s time I finally walk away.

  6. I liked the issue, but felt as though I was missing some information, like there is a #6.1 out there somewhere I don’t know about…..When did Bleez take control? Isn’t Dex-Starr technically the first Red Lantern from Earth? I am supposing that all will be explained in upcoming issues…..and I’m pressing hard to find anything to critique in this issue, I’ve enjoyed this series immensely so far, and can’t wait for #8!

  7. aside from expecting a better fight with guy, this was very good. i thought last issue was a lil’ off (story and art), but the ducks seem to be aligning once again.
    i like how the history of atrocious and his desolate planet is becoming rich with tales of failed experiments of undead abominations and unnatural paradises lost grown in the wicked wake of their demise.
    fun stuff

  8. It was good. If it weren’t for that dumb human lantern it would be great.

    • His motivation for being a Red Lantern really kinda sucked, didn’t it? Red Lanterns should be angry and bad ass – this guy just seemed like a whiner.

    • Yeah, but not only that, I like Atrocitus and Bleeze and the rest of the Red Lanterns, I just don’t understand why we needed another one, takes screen time from the ones we know like Dex-Starr!

      Also, how cool would it have been for the only Red Lantern from earth to be a house cat!

    • I agree, he is not cool at all, and most of the other Red Lanterns look cool as hell.

      And yes, Dex-Starr is way more bad ass.

    • ya know, the more i look at him, the more i don’t like him. i think it’s the look. costume and cranial design.
      is he wearing eye makeup? is his head on fire? does everyone need to wear gloves that go up to their elbows? do all red lanterns have claws for hands?
      they should have just brought in lobo. that would be awesome. just throw him in the mix somehow.
      say, where is lobo? has he reared his mug yet since the relaunch?

  9. About issue #7 I liked the fight between Rankorr and Guy, and all the attention Jack and Bleez are getting. Ed Benes’ art as always is awesome. I don’t like what is being done to Atrocitus, though; he is being turned into a wuss. And is the orign of the Red Lanterns being retconned here?

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  10. So the N52U seems to be resetting what everyone was bitching about with the ‘too close to the old DCU’. I am so glad I gave this title a fair chance.

  11. Bleez has finally crossed the line however; it looks as if that is the end of Big Bad A-Man!! There is no way they just killed him off, no way! Again this title suprises me as no other title does.


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