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This story spotlights the sexy and deadly Red Lantern called Bleez. Red Lantern leader Atrocitus needs a lieutenant and places his bet on this raging beauty…and this decision will have long-ranging ramifications that no one – especially Atrocitus – will expect.

Cover by ED BENES

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  1. nice!

  2. Finally, we are finally going to learn about the other Red Lanterns.

  3. well..that’s a cover now isn’t it..

  4. sexy?

    I’m looking for books to cut and part of me thinks this is on the top of the list. But another part of me is too intrigued by the entire concept of this series to stop reading. Milligan’s kept my interest so far.

  5. Only getting this for the cover. I wanted to drop this after the relaunch, but got issue 2 just so had a reason to get this issue. Hah!

  6. This book has some kind of hold over me… I thought it would be dropped after one issue, but now I seem to be looking forward to it the most.

  7. that cover kinda turns me on……strange.

    • loved it! bleez spitting in her dead mother’s face was awesome! i laughed out loud. that is some panels of the week material if i ever saw any.

  8. All I know is the combination of women and blood is extremely inciting for me personally

  9. I agree with the above comment. Anyway, I was all set to drop this one, gave it one more issue. So glad I did, this was a huge improvement over issue 2. yay? I gotta cut something damn it…

  10. If this series is going to succeed, its going to need the other Red Lanterns to be more coherent too, not just Bleez. But so far, its a step in the right direction….looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

  11. Most enjoyable issue so far. I’ve always liked Bleez as a character design so it was cool to see her coherent with a solid back story

    I’m kinda having a hard time pinning down exactly why I like this comic. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure. The Red Lanterns are ridiculous and Atrocitus is particularly ridiculous. This comic feels like it shouldn’t exist, yet it does and I am happy. I also like Benes’ cheesecake artwork.

  12. This is my POW easily!! Bleeze has become one of my top sexiest characters in comics, that cover is so hot. Her back story was sexy, troubling and made me want more insite into Bleeze and she seems very cunning and the A-man better watch his back. I think he has a thing for Bleeze and that would be a fun relationship to develope if; they don’t kill each other. As for the other Red Lanterns I love them just the way they are; full of rage and just down right animalisticy barbaric. I gave this a solid 5 over all categories art and writing; the art in this series so far I beleive has been under rated!! Look at the attention to all the details since #1; very cool huh?? (Did you really go and look? – Told yah!)
    “Ridiculous”? These are the Red Lanterns, the A-man was the only one with coherent thought and now the sexy Bleez. The other Lanterns are basicly soldiers of rage with no single toughts in their heads, just the basic feeling of rage to follow. I find this to be a very well written series so far and I for one do not find it ridiculous, unless you mean ridiculously awesome?!
    I think she is up to no good and seems like she still has some spoiled attitude from her past self and may be a bit avarice?
    This is without a question one of thee best of the new 52, I am sure of it now after reading this issue and the way they have started to add some back story to others (Bleeze) and not just the A-man. The spitting in the mothers face was very unexpected but; very appropriate for her character at this stage.
    A complete success, if your are not reading this series you should give it a shot it has everything a comic book should; violence, drama, action, humor, great new characters, some humor, fantastic art and great staight to the point story telling.

    Just sayin’,


  13. Best issue yet, and DC Direct needs to make a fig of Bleez.

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