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• Welcome new artist MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

• Continued from last month’s STORMWATCH #9!

• BLEEZ and the rest of the surviving RED LANTERNS head for ZAMARON to confront the STAR SAPPHIRES about their role in the poisoning of the RED POWER LANTERN.

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Miguel Sepulveda
Cover by Miguel Sepulveda

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. awesome cover.
    everytime atrocious speaks, i have morbo’s voice from futurama in my head. which is very cool and even makes me laugh sometimes.

  2. Sepulveda is great.

    • Big time! I only know his work from Thanos Imperative, but he really wowed me there. I may consider this after having dropped a few months ago.

  3. New artist huh? I liked the art in the last 9 issues just fine, I guess will see what the new guy brings?! Atrocious will not be stopped now, I think he is going to unloaded on everything and everyone in his path including the lovely Bleez. The Sapphires has something to do witht he Red Lanterns destruction, and this will cause the destruction of another lantern corps to be destroyed. The Gaurdians plan to eliminate the Corps. seems to be working just fine, really almost too fine?!


  4. This issue will decide weather I drop or keep this. Also I find it weird Jack Moore can make constructs and the other Red Lanterns can’t.

  5. I was worried about losing Benes but the art in this was fantastic and the paneling impressive. I especially liked the silhouette of Atrocitus being thrown through several walls. And I had a lol moment when Midnighter took on Dex-Star. Almost made me want to pick up Stormwatch. What can I say? More amazing comic book goodness from one of my favorite series.

  6. this is the best book yet.
    there was an elevated sense of intensity accompanied by clear-cut direction and purpose.
    i like the human more and more. the red lanterns have a lot of awesome character designs as evident by those last couple of pages. i hope as the series progesses over the years that we might get a closer look of the individuals who comprise the red core. solo stories and such.
    this is my first experience with stormwatch. midnighters costume redesign is flawless. really like it. very cool.

    • I thought it was definitely the best issue so far. I think the new artist really helped. Benes was good, but this looked great.

  7. Best issue to date of this series.

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