With Jason going one-on-one with the ancient evil known as the Untitled and Koriand’r barely able to crawl to his side, it’s up to Roy to stand alone against the monstrous threat known as Crux!

Art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT

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  1. Crus is kind of a lame villain but the Untitled are geting interesting.

    • I think Crux is a classic DC type of villain, play enough w/science and you’ll turn yourself into a monster. But I agree with you about the Untitled is getting pretty interesting.

  2. I love this book more every month. It’s starting to creep up into ‘Invincible’ territory.

  3. This is starting to fill that Secret Six shaped hole I have. This the highlight of my stack.

  4. I am conflicted about this book. Yes, this book appeals to the lowest common denominator. It objectifies women. Jason Todd and Roy seem kind of like duchie frat boys… yet, I really enjoy the hell out of this book. Not sure what that says about me, but it’s just a ton of fun every month.

    • I’ll give you the point on the objectifying women remark, but I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to see Jason and Roy as duchie frat boys. This title, to me at least, seems to be going for the classic buddy road trip genre. I’m looking forward to seeing these two guys become the new Hal and Ollie trekking across the DCU together, as the series progresses.

      I just hope it gets the opportunity to get there.

    • If you like it and you think your a good guy, its doing something right.

    • Good points. For me, the most important thing is that I care what happens to the characters, and this book has been pulling it off. Also forgot to mention that I really like the art.

  5. It’s selling big numbers. Worrying about this book being cancelled is silly. Go check the numbers

  6. I gave this issue a 5 and that seems to be consistent on this title every month. The artwork is really very, very good an the characters just seem to reach out to me. This finished just slightly behind Catwoman and Batman this week.


  7. I like this book too. I thought @ the end of issue 5 Roy was being a bit of a pussy when Starfire was about to destroy the monster guy I guess his name is crux? Yeah fuck him, it was ok to kill everybody in issue 1 so why show mercy to this scumbag?

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