• “DEAD SPACE” continues!

• STARFIRE is unleashed in an epic space battle!

• THE OUTLAWS take on BLACKFIRE and her new allies, THE BLIGHT!

Story by Scott Lobdell
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
Cover by Kenneth Rocafort

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Last issue was a huge disappointment. I was really looking forward to this space adventure as it would be something a bit different for a Batman-world book. Then to get only ten pages of story , and a back up about essence was really a let down.

    The story of the untitled really hurt my enjoyment of the book, it’s going to continue, I’ll leave this book when Racofort does. His art is what drew me here.

    • Although last ish was not a huge disappointment for me, it was a let down. I also had great expectations of the Kori in space storyline that were not met. Due to my limited budget, I will also probably leave this title and follow Lobdell & Rocafort over to Superman. I like the characters, but not as much as I like Rocafort’s art.

    • I dropped this title as well. If it was a Jason Todd solo book which took place on EARTH I would be all about it. Just don’t like the rest of the team.

  2. *Snagglepuss double take*

    Starefire is wearing clothes!?

  3. Loved this issue. The interplay in this group has been awesome, and I am very much in for the conclusion of this story and beyond.

    5 Stars for me.

  4. Wish it was just a Jason Todd Roy Harper book. Starfire is just not that interesting.

  5. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    Really loved the main story this issue. Big improvement from last ish. Should be a bang up finish next time for the space arc. I do not care about the Essence backup at all, though.

  6. I thought this issue was great and I enjoyed the focus on starfire. Still no announcement on who is gonna follow Rocafort? Tough tough shoes to fill.

  7. the art work is still great, but this book is taking a turn for the worse. The lizard bat dude, was boring. And I was hoping that, that story would end and we could get to the next one. But now this. I get the feeling that Scott Lobdell, is trying to desperately make Starfire more than just the groups fuck puppet. like she seemed to be in the first few issues. And I guess that’s commendable.

    But as a character she has always been a bit, meh. just my opinion.

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