In this new title collecting the first six R.E.B.E.L.S issues, Brainiac’s son Vril Dox must recruit a new team to free countless lives across a galaxy. And this time, he’s basing his new group on the greatest heroes and villains of the 31st century. But can Dox assemble his team fast enough to stop Starro from conquering the entire universe?

Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Andy Clarke, Claude St. Aubin and Scott Hanna
Cover by Andy Clarke

Price: $17.99
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  1. Read this book people.  That is all.

  2. I hope to pick it up sooner then later.

    Is this better then Nova? Cause I need a cosmic title to replace that medicore series.

  3. I enjoy both.  I would pick this over Guardians.  I read the first trade of that and it was okay, but Nova I enjoy.  I read Nova in trades, so I’m not caught up so I can’t say for sure.  But it’s worth checking out as it’s still going strong.

  4. I really loved he Blackest Night tie-in issues. Hoping to trade wait this series.

  5. Sadly, you’ll be waiting.  This is coming out a week after issue #12, so they’re waiting 6 months before releasing a trade, which is never a good sign.  The only good news would be that DC seems to complete its collections on cancelled titles nowadays.  Not saying the title is cancelled, but unless it gets a Didio save the way say, Jonah Hex does, it will probably not live to see the mid-20’s I would guess as sales of the monthly aren’t great (here’s hoping a lot of people are trade waiting, as it really is a great series).

  6. Isn’t a 6-month wait pretty standard for DC trades? Actually, compared to how long I’ve been waiting for the second half of All Star Superman that’s pretty damn fast.

  7. DC has been slow lately.  Even Vertigo trades take 4 months now, and it used to be two.  I don’t know who’s running things over there, but things are messed up.  And yeah, I’m waiting for that All-Star Supes trade too.  Stupid policy to wait a year after the hardcover.  I’d probably read more DC if they didn’t wait so long. 

  8. I think its a good idea for DC comics to wait a little while before releasing trades. If you think about it why buy floppies if you can get the trade a couple of weeks after the last issue of said trade?

    On 11 o’clock comics Jason and Vince talked about dropping certain titles from Marvel (why play them against each other) for the trades because they come out so soon after the issues release. I say get used to waiting for the trade (because thats what trade waiting is) or get used to advertising in trades (like Boom studios does-which I am not against BTW)

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