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“The Sons of Brainiac” story begins here! At long last, series star Vril Dox confronts his father, the Superman villain Brainiac! To make matters worse, Vril must also stop his own son Lyrl from destroying their home planet of Colu!

Written by TONY BEDARD

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Come on people give this series a try. I think its one of the best out there but it is by far one of the worst selling from the big two.

  2. I got sucked in during Blackest Night, but it definately suffers from Too-Many-Character-itis. Vril Dox keeps me coming back for more, though, and a little Adam Strange never hurt nobody.

  3. If you start from the beginning it feels very organic and in the first issue Supergirl is used as a DVD burner. How can it not be awesome?

  4. @Minion I cannot agree more!! 

  5. One of my favorite series currently being printed.  Who would’ve thought 12 issues of Starro would be fun… but it was!  Can’t wait for Sons of Brainiac!  Bitchin’!

  6. Can I give a book higher than five stars? This was a great issue.

  7. @Minion I’ve tried to get into this.  It feels like a spin off of Legion (with way too many characters),  It’s also in the cosmic sector of the DCU and I’ve never been interested in the space stuff.  The stories I did pick up confirmed those superficial assumptions.  Therefore, kinda boring to me.

  8. Best issue in a while.  Not sold on the Starfire/Captain Comet stuff yet but the Brainiacs squaring off gives the book some much needed direction.  Hopefully this arc can recapture the excitement it had when the series first started.  It’s got some stiff competetion these days between Thanos Imperative, both Green Lantern books and I think we’re getting an extremely well written Brainiac 5 in Legion of Superheroes.

  9. @misterckent As long as you have a reasson that is not "Its stupid" I respect your decision to not pick it up. You’re reasons are great, because if you don’t like Cosmic stuff you aren’t going to like this because it is completely cosmic. And the cast is pretty big but no bigger than the JLA usually is. They just aren’t known characters. But if someone who does like the Cosmic stuff picks up the first 17 issues they can understand almost all that’s happening.

  10. Damnit.  Your, not You’re. Stupid me.

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