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incredibledave12/11/09YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Definitely in it for this issue. This was the most original of the tie-ins.

  2. Awesome series and the tie in was my fave! Good work Bedard because I’m not even reading BN!

  3. They snuck a 3.99 price tag on this wow!!! Bcuz of that I might drop this book. I like it but not that much DC, oh hold on an xtra 10 pages nva mind just wat I wanted yesssss!!!

  4. Or is this jus 4 BN?

  5. This book was insane in its awesomeness. 5 stars

  6. Awesome in so many levels! I Just love this book. Pick of the Week.

  7. Great read. It did something interesting with the BN tie-in AND still managing to tell a "regular" storyline through it. Great stuff. 4/5 for me. Definitely going to check out the trades.

  8. @jfgn – The $3.99 price tag was just for the Blackest Night tie-ins.  It’s back to $2.99 with the next issue.  I hope more people come onto this title, as it really is one of the best DC is currently putting out.

  9. I was pretty satisfied with this tie-in. I think I’ll stick with this and pick up the previous issues as I find them.

  10. Yay! Finally people are digging this book, i was afraid it’d get let go. Thank you Blackest Night

  11. @Noto – The first trade, which collects issues 1-6 is due in January, although I’m sure you can still find back issues for cheap since this title is not a hot seller.

  12. I came back on board with #10 (which was fantastic), but my shop was out of #11 by Wednesday afternoon. Gonna try and track it down. Anyways, officially added it to my pull list and can’t wait to get all caught up. 

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