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  1. here come the ppl who don’t even read rebels watch’em buy it all up from the ppl who do just for tha ring I’m sayin that becuz I have to work on the day it comes out yall suck

  2. @jfgn-If you had a pull list you wouldn’t have to worry about there not being a copy for you after work.

  3. so do you get a ring with this title too?

  4. I’ll check this out for the ring, and if the story’s as good as people keep saying I may stick around.

  5. I’m buying this for the ring but I’ll give the whole BN arc a shot and if its any good then i might keep it

  6. As long as more people start picking this up I don’t care if it’s for the ring.

  7. I am picking this one up, but skipped on Doom Patrol …

  8. @AmirCat: Doom Patrol wasn’t that good.  I expect the Booster Gold issue to be good and this one I’m not so sure.

  9. Not a bad book.  Interested to see where it goes, so I might pick up next issue.  It was a bit hard to keep track of everyone, but the character descriptions helped a lot.

  10. This is how to do a tie in–ties into the event but reveals great stuff for the regular readers. Why isn’t everyone reading this?

  11. Interesting.

  12. This was probably the best of the ring based tie-ins so far.  I’ve never read it before and probably won’t stick around after but even for a non-reader that ending was really cool stuff.

  13. I don’t give a crap about the ring, I picked this up for the cover and the praise I’ve head for the book. Not sure if I’ll add it to the pull list for good, but I’ll definitely pick up the next issue.

  14. My first issue, & I liked it even though I had no idea who anyone was. Two questions:

    1. Was the first couple of pages a recpap of this series so far?

    2. How does this team relate to the Legion of Superheroes?

  15. Man this was awesome! The cliffhanger the danger the action! R.E.B.E.L.S  has it all! Bedard should be doing more than just one book a month, but if he is pouring everything into this, which I believe he is then I don’t care as long as this book isn’t cancelled! The art is fantastic and this feels like a tie in that isn’t shoe horned in. All I have to say about Clark is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!

  16. He’s also writing The Great 10 mini or whatever it’s called.

  17. Wow, did not expect to like this as much as I did. Picked it up for the ring, stayed for the awesome writing and art. I even went back and picked up the first three issues of the series and, I gotta say, I think I’m a convert.

    Seriously, where has this Clark guy been hiding?

  18. Awesome issue!  I got into this series when I learned Strange and Comet would be joining in the events and I’m so disappointed I wasn’t checking this out sooner (although I’m caught up now ^^).  The ending was awesome and one particular Black Lantern who shows up is a major problem and pleasant surprise.  I can’t wait to see how Dox and his new toy play out ^_^

  19. Been pulling this since day 1. Glad to see others have found this hidden gem.

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