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  1. Really?  Smith’s put out enough for a trade, has he?

  2. 13 bucks for maybe 3 issues is this a joke

  3. Well it’s not that much of a pain when each issue is $3.50 each ($3.75 w/tax) so when you add the 3 issues together you get…..$11.25….so it’s actually $2.16 more then you would get by just getting the actual issues….

    This is expensive!

  4. I’d be surprised if this actually came out.

  5. yeah, this is a bit selfish on his part

  6. @conor it looks like it IS coming, confirmed by Smith himself on his website, and a quick interview here: http://www.comicon.com/ubb/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=532682#Post532682

    New story pages not originally in the issues. It is odd though, 3 issues, not even 4?

  7. well… i’m looking forward to it… *shrugs*

  8. Look, I never comment but I must say that Rasl is the $@%#. In fact – it %$@#s the #@%$ out of everyone’s %@$#ing clambake %#$@kitten. It is really good, the guys on the show have not done this thing justice. It is one of those books that it doesn’t matter how infrequently it comes out because every issue is so damn good. Especially the third issue. It is better than a massage from a lady wearing chinchilla fur mittens.

  9. I seem to remember that Jeff Smith originally wanted RASL to be published in an oversized format, but that he was convinced by retailers that it would be more feasible to release a standard size book.  He said that he planned for the collections to run oversize though.  I hope that explains the price point on this book.

  10. And here’s a link to Jeff Smith’s news page, confirming the size format for the trade…


     Simps already mentioned Smith’s confirmation. 

  11. It’s out.  It looks pretty good.  And worth reading if you missed any of the three issues when they came out. 

  12. I mean I wanna look at this cause I like Bone….But I anit gonna pay for this when it’s clearly overpriced.

    Again, it pays to work at a book store. 😉

  13. @TheNextChampion the book is 112 pages and oversized, so I would hardly call $13 for that unreasonable considering Marvel will charge the same or more for less content.

  14. Well I saw this at my LCS and damn!!!! I didnt realise it was that huge! (insert sex joke here)

    So I guess it being oversized is a good enough reason to charge us that extra 2 bucks.

  15. This is fucking awesome! I paid quite a bit more than $13 for it (cos I’m in the UK) and it was worth every penny! Gorgeous book. Fantastic story. 

    and my potw. so there. 😀

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