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  1. You should I pick this serie? Find the first two?

  2. I meant "should I"

  3. If you’re not one to complain about lateness, go for it. The first two issues were definatly interesting, but since Jeff Smith is doing this all by himself they’re not too regular. The first ish came out in March of this year. Definatly interesting stuff though.

  4. Ya the wait is way to long for me. I really enjoyed the first 2 issues, but I don’t want to reread the previous few issues each time a new issue comes out. I’ll probably check it out once it goes to trade.

  5. It is a quarterly book.

  6. Defently worth picking up.

  7. I kind of like this, but I’m debating dropping this in favor of trades. I know the problem–no one buys issues, there won’t be a trade…but still.

  8. I liked the first issue, but yeah. Way too long. I’ll definitely be checking out the trade, though.

  9. I loved this issue. Easily the best so far. I can’t believe #4’s not out till MARCH, though. Ugh.

  10. @PTAhole: Same here. This ish was wicked heavy with the awesome-sauce, and I was crushed when I got to the last page with the ad for next years issue.

    How hard can it be to write, draw, color, and letter a comic? 😉

  11. Dang!  Next issue March 2009??  I’d wait for the trade, but at this rate it’ll be years before it sees the light of day.  This is so good… I’m hooked, darn it.  Hey, if this were quarterly surely the next issue would be out in January?  Whatever, it’sa long time.  Having said that I’ve had no problem picking up where I left off without re-reading the previous issues – which is quite a feat considering the number of books I’ve read in between! 

  12. This was my pick

  13. Turned out this was my pick too!

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