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  1. Any recommendations on this?  I don’t remember the Crime Bible, and the long art lineup is a warning sign…but the Question is a fave character of mine, tho’ I haven’t read him since he became a her.

  2. I think Josh really liked this….but I’m not sure. I’m all up for any stories with the new Question.

  3. I have heard this was actually really good, even if it has a terrible title.

    It’s a bummer they didn’t release this before Final Crisis. Revelations probably would have made sense.

  4. They released it in hardcover many months ago.

    If you liked Revelations, you will like this.

  5. i heard this was one of the better underappreciated titles. weds is shaping up to be a good book day.

  6. I’m happy they’re putting this out (presumably) to synch with the new Question backup in Detective.  I really dug this in issues. 

    @TNC  I recall that Conor & Josh both recommended this, because that’s why I ended up getting it.  I wouldnt’ even have known this was a ‘Question’ book if iFanboy hadn’t said so, b/c it was so poorly branded on the initial release.

  7. @ohcaroline: Didnt it have something like ’52 Aftermath’ at the beginning of the title? I can see why this could be a turn off with a confusing and long winded title.

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