A BLACKEST NIGHT tie-in! Greg Rucka (DETECTIVE COMICS, CHECKMATE) joins original THE QUESTION series artists Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz for the return of Vic Sage! The Black Lantern rings have made their way to earth and disturbed the grave of the original Question. Now, the faceless man returns as Black Lantern Vic Sage targets his former prot

Written by Denny O'Neil & Greg Rucka
Art by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover by Cully Hamner

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  1. Rucka rules!

  2. Weird. I’ll try it!

  3. If Bill is doing finishes on Cowan’s layouts, we could be in on a real treat here. This could look as nice as the Starman issue. Hopes are high!

  4. Who is Lady Shiva to the Question?

  5. I hope my LCS gets this, cause outside of Catwoman/Atom issues I haven’t gotten the rest of them. I love the original Question and this could be a lot of fun. So fingers crossed.

  6. I never read the original series but I’m still psyched to read this.

  7. Back in the day, Bill used to do inks over Denys’ pencils on the COVERS of The Question. And they were FANTASTIC. Hoping a little of the ol’ magic comes back.

    Rucka and O’Neil together on the Questions, old and new — sooooo excited for this.

  8. @misterckent – Lady Shiva used to appear regularly in the O’Neil Question series. She was his enemy at times, but she also took a great interest in pushing him along on his destiny — to see what he’d "become." In fact, I’m not sure if I recall this right, but I do believe Shiva saved Vic and brought him to be trained by Richard Dragon at the start of the O’Neil series.

  9. @daccampo – Yeah that is what happened, I just read the first trade collecting the O’Neil series.

    Wish Rucka had his own question title instead of a backup.

  10. Vic Sage! Any chance it’s the hardcore objectivist Ditko version? As opposed to the slightly less cool zen version.  He was one of the best parts of Dark Knight Returns and the best part of that Justice League Unlimited cartoon (largely due to Jeffrey Combs).

  11. If Vic Sage comes back with Rucka writing. I’ll probably poo my pants.

  12. I thought Rucka was co-writing this with O’Neil? That’s what I remember from his Word Balloon interview at least.

  13. @drakedangerz – that’s what I heard too.

  14. Yeah, but is Vic Sage coming back? I mean, not as a zombie.

  15. I haven’t read this yet, but flipped through it.  Pencils and inks looked classic; not sure how I felt about the coloring — the coloring on the old books was very distinctive; this is a little more standard for today, but I think it serves the art pretty well.  Just slightly jarring.  But anyway.  Question = awesome.


  16. I will conceed that I know more of the original Question in today’s time. Like from JLU or even ‘Dark Knight Strikes Back’ (Miller did write him very well). So the history of the comic version and of this series is a bit lost on me. But having said that, I did not enjoy this at all.

    Generic BL vs living fight, once again and nothing stood out that this was the original Question as a BL. The art was absolutely horrendus, with some of the worst faces I’ve seen in a comic this year. Just not a good outing by anyone in this for me. Again if I had nostalgia it could be different. But as a ‘new’ reader to the series, this was bad.

  17. Fans of the original Question will love this.  I definitely preferred Skienkiewcz’s inks better on this than Starman (although that has grown on me).  But yeah, this was for people who enjoyed (or are enjoying the new trades as I am) O’Neil’s and Cowan’s Question series from the 80’s.  I think people picking this up just because it’s Blackest Night related might not get it.  I’ve only read this and the Starman issues in terms of the "dead" series, but they really are written for people who read the original series.  Newcomers will probably be confused or not get what the issue is trying to do.  With The Question, Sage vs. Shiva was always a big event, so it was nice to see one last round if you will.  I really wish Rucka was doing a regular Question series rather than the back-ups.  I just hope though that those back-ups are collected.

  18. @TheNextChampion   I’ll admit that my appreciation for the original series is part of the reason I liked the art here, but it’s not so much ‘nostalgia’ as the fact that I appreciate a different, distinctive style.  I know people who hated Cowan’s art back in the day, too, and Sienkiewicz is divisive as well.

    I thought the story was pretty clear, though, even if the significance of some things was greater b/c I know the old series.

    This was my pick (though THAT, I suppose, you could attribute to nostalgia. at least a little).

  19. Oh yeah, I forgot that was Strikes Back not Returns…that explains why the Question stood out as one of the best parts.

  20. Great cover, inks ruined the interior art. I really don’t understand the appeal of sienkiewicz. It looks like he has palsy.

  21. Yes. This a comic I liked.

  22. Really enjoyed this but with one problem.  I’m getting annoyed with having to kind of follow the adventures of this new Question in one-shots, mini-series and co-features.  I apprec iate that DC may be reluctant to give her a series but I really wish Rucka could just put out one single, ongoing Question monthly – 22 pages month in month out.  Is that too muich to ask?

  23. @odare77  I’d like to think they’re planting the seeds for a future Question ongoing by putting her in comics with a big audience.  But Rucka is pretty busy (I’m assuming you wouldn’t want anyone else to write it) and it’s sadly possible that there might not be such an audience for solo adventures.  I’ll take the Question in any form, but I’d certainly like an ongoing!

  24. Rucka did a good job on Lady Shiva…that’s exactly the way she was in the original series…a noble villain always moving at right angles, never straight ahead.  Brilliant how he handled her exit from the story. 

    But I get tired of Rucka’s take on the Question as being about fighting.  There is not nearly enough Rorschach-the-detective element.

  25. Really enjoyed this. I think this is my favorite tie-in book (admittedly, I haven’t read many). Loved how the absence of emotion blinded the black lantern.

  26. This was awesome. Loved every page.

    Old school art + Greg Rucka = Win.

  27. This art was fannnnntastic!

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