• The Punisher vs. The Avengers.

• Welcome to the War Zone.

Story by Greg Rucka
Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marco Checchetto

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  1. So does this mean Greg Rucka’s other Punisher series is finished now?

    • Yep, this mini concludes the run. Also concludes his time with Marvel comics.

      I’ve loved his Punisher run so I’m hoping this is good stuff. But… well, if Punisher isn’t going to kill any of the Avengers, and they aren’t killing him… I have no idea what the stakes are.

  2. I’m more interested in seeing what happens with Rachel Cole-Alves, assuming she’s still around.

    • Im only speculating, but I doubt we’ll see her. She had a very final send off and I just have this feeling that Rucka leaves her alone back with the ending of that run.

    • This is a game-time decision for me either way. I’ve relished this run, but if this is just Castle shooting at Iron Man and Captain America, I have other things to do. As was stated above, it doesn’t seem like there are any stakes.

  3. I have only read Rucka’s Punisher through the Omega Effect crossover. So I have no idea whats going on but, shit, its a dude with guns going against the Avengers. I’m going in…

  4. this is going to be very interesting. the build up of seeing all the Avengers gear Castle has gathered in his HQ through the course of Rucka’s run and how he might use their own weapons against them will be fun to observe.
    i’m curious to see what the Punisher can bring to the table against Thor, though. it’s not like he could lift the hammer Mjolnir. unless that’s one of the twists. that would be huge. it seems doubtful seeing as how Cap America, to my knowledge, is the only mortal to have lifted it. one could argue that Frank is nowhere near as noble as Cap. i guess that depends on how you judge the morality of dealing with evil people and what that entails.
    Super-stoked for this.

    • The only moral difference between Cap and Frank is that what Cap does is gov’t sanctioned.

    • i think government sanctioned implies a legal difference.
      are you saying it’s ok for Cap to kill hydra agents because he basically has a license to do so from the American government?

    • But isn’t being sanctioned by the gov’t a way of them (at least the from Marvels comic book gov’t perspective) saying it is moral to kill these people because their threat level is so high?

      I am not saying it is ok for Cap to kill them, it is just deemed by those in power that it is ok to do so. Where in Frank’s case, he is a hunted man for doing much of the same stuff that Cap does, just without gov’t support, and the fact that Frank is judge, jury, and often times executioner.

    • Are you saying that Cap has a… license to kill?

    • cue Bond music.

  5. I’m not a usual Punisher reader but this looks really cool. The preview sucked me in….


  6. Great issue! Admittedly I haven’t been reading Rucka’s Punisher run (it’s hard to top Ennis’/Aaron’s Punisher MAX) but this was a blast. I may have to pick up the run in trades now.

  7. This was fun. Admittedly, I’m new to the Punisher in his recent continuity, but this was the way to catch my interest and this issue delivered. I want to see what he can do against the Avengers and if he can take out smug Tony Stark so much the better.

  8. Tony look like a guy straight out of the 80′.s

  9. I picked this up and I didn’t hate it. While reading, I got the impression that Rucka was holding back, perhaps editorial mandates.

  10. Rucka’s 16 issue Punisher run is perhaps the best start to finish run on any book I’ve read in years. From the story to the art and coloring, it was fantastic. It’s a shame Marvel pulled the plug on it. While I liked this issue, I’m not happy with the art all the way through the book. It’s good in a lot of cases, but I hated the art in the Spiderman/Avengers scene. I wish they would have stuck with either artist that backed up Checchetto during the regular run. Still enjoyed the issue and will pick up the rest of the run.

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