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  1. $3.99?   Hmmm.  Not getting it.  That means I’m dropping PWJ now.


    the Tiki 

  2. If they charge me $4 for only 24 page and some BS reprint of old comics, or giving my useless info on the punisher comic, i’ll drop it. Not only that, but I am so freaken sick of Chaykin art.

  3. Is this the last issue of War Journal? From what I have been reading about Remender taking over the new Punisher title (War Zone?) it sounds like Fraction is leaving War Journal and they are dumping the series. Anyone shed any light on this? And yes why is this 4 bucks?

  4. In the solicts the price is $2.99 and on marvel.com the price is $2.99 so that’s weird that it would say $3.99. Last minute price change? The next issue was solicted for $2.99

    @comicdork37 – #26 is the last one with the Rhino. I imagine that will tie up all the stories left in his run. I think the original plan was to have Remender take over War Journal but Marvel decided to relaunch the book as Punisher instead. War Zone is the six issue weekly series by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon.





  5. its 3.99 but its not just 22 pages, its a thick book


  6. ….but people don’t care about page count they only care about the price unless they are buying a trade.

  7. @JoeComic … I’m with you on Chaykin… He made me drop Wolverine (although just until he left) and if weren’t for Remender being on this War Journal run, I would have dropped it too. Does ANYONE actually like his art? It’s almost painful reading a book he’s working on. My brain is saying: "Read the Words. Ignore the Pictures."

  8. @Butchcassidy: I did hear Chaykin had good art back in the old day with stuff like American Flagg, but yeah it pretty bad, even more so since he draw every one the same damn way. Look at how he draws Tony Stark (no armor) and Dr. Strange, they look the same if not for Strange’s white in his hair.  the only person i hate even more then Chaykin, is that guy who has been working on X-Factor. Ugh, talk about your eye bleeders.

  9. Right now this comic’s ifanboy rating is 14. Does anyone know how that is possible when the scale is 1 to 5?

  10. @ Camden, it’s just that good, pick of the week for me, right ahead of ASM, perfect way to end the series

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