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            When I got
back into comics around 2000 it was Garth Ennis writing The Punisher that
really hooked me. Frank Castle is a hard character for most writers to grasp
and until Fraction began his run on War Journal I figured Ennis was the only
writer at Marvel who was capable of handling the character. Fraction proved me

interpretation of Castle borrowed from the original roots of the character but
also had the dark humor of the Knights series Ennis began. Frank loved his job
and his job was killing bad men.

            These last
25 issues of War Journal have been phenomenal and this was the perfect way to
end the series. It tied up all the loose ends and perfectly set-up the new
series Remender is launching. It’s great to see Chaykin working on a book at
the Big Two and I can’t think of a bad panel or page in this huge, huge issue.

            In closing I
would like to say to Fraction, Remender, Chaykin and all the other artists who
worked on this title, thank you.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I disagree with you on the art. It get a 2 at best, simply because Chaykins is on my list of really bad artist. Now, maybe his style was good, some time ago. But now, ugh, it just ugly. 

  2. i actually dropped this book because of Chaykin’s artwork, but since its ending in a few issues, i might pick it up til the end, despite chaykin piss-poor artwork (he was decent on War is Hell, tho)

  3. Love Chaykin.

  4. @conor thank you sir, he might not be for everyone but he is up there for me in terms of storytelling and action. When punches start flying in this book you can feel it.


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