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  1. I have every issue of this series, and it sucks to think that Matt Fraction will be leaving it after a few more issues. I’ve never read any Rick Remender, so I might drop the book unless someone can point me in the direction of a good Remender book. Any suggestions?

  2. i’m with you sir, its not bad enough that ennis is leaving the MAX book but now fraction is leaving this one. pretty soon i will have no punisher in my box unless remender drops some serious knowledge on me

  3. @J4k3 I’ve been loving this series, as well and am also sad to see Fraction go, but i do love Rick Remender. He is the writer of Fear Agent, which the ifanboys keep trying to get everyone to read. Which they should, cause it is incredibly awesome. He’s also doing The End League, which I liked, but has been coming out so slow that I dropped it.

    Anyway, Remender is a good enough writer to merit staying on this book for at least a couple issues after Fraction leaves.

    Actually, itsn’t Fraction coming back after this arc to finish up his big plot or something? I can’t remember exactly how that is going to work. I think remender talks about it in his interview on the Wordballoon podcast. 

  4. Well if you dont mind me asking a (sorta) different question here guys….

    What do people think for the new Punisher film? Looking from the trailers it looks very very very very very Stupid….almost as bad as Wanted. All action and little plot, bah.

  5. @TheNextChampion I was dissapointed with the trailer, not so much because I’m a big punisher fan, but because I thought they really could do a good version, and the casting of Ray Stevenson gave me hope. He was so great in Rome. Not just a bad ass, but a complex guy going through a lot emotionally. I don’t hold out much hope that this will be good after seeing the trailer (I’m sick of seeing that same hanging from the ceiling spinning around firing automatics that is so many action movies since boondock saints). but you never know.

    I think it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a good punisher movie because the punisher is a character with so many aspects that would distract movie people into doing the least interesting, most played out take possible. He’s a bad ass out for revenge and he dresses in black and has a skull painted on his chest. That means were getting a soundtrack feauting "Let the bodies hit the floor" we’re getting shitty tough guy dialogue and we’re getting a simple plot about a guy killing mobsters. We’re getting contentless violence.  We’re not getting that great ambiguity that punisher allows. We’re not really getting into the morality of what he’s doing. And we’re not getting punisher vs. supervillains. Just the way it is.

  6. I’m giving the movie a chance. It sort of screams Punisher MAX (which may not be a good thing…), which could be interesting. Also, Ray Stevenson looks more like the badass Frank Castle I would expect. Thomas Jane was good, but far less intimidating. I’m interested in seeing Jigsaw’s involvement.


    It’s way to soon to make assumptions about the plot and such, man. And who is "we?"

  7. @neal: But that’s my problem with the whole Punisher marketing: He shouldnt be fighting supervillians!

    Punisher MAX was an amazing series because it had very little, to know connections to real superheroes. Frank Castle is fighting common villians; like thugs, drug dealers, rapists, and big mob men/women. He’s not in to fight Dr. Doom or Mandarian; although I’m sure he would try and kill those guys for hurting their own people. The point is that he’s a better character cause he’s fighting real bad guys and helping the people. He’s annoyed by other superheroes cause they leave huge damage from their fights and innocent people sometimes gets killed.

    That’s why MAX has a much better track record then this Journal series. In this series he’s fighting supervillians, granted D list villians, but not the common villians like he was in the other series. Plus he gets involved with the other major events which he shouldnt unless it hurts the people. That’s why he stayed in WWH cause he hated the aliens killing people…..Still my point is that I was hopeful with this film cause it looked like it was staying with this route. He’s fighting the mob and some corrupt politicial officals. That totally sounds like MAX….then we throw in Jigsaw….okay a little hokey but Jigsaw is just a mob guy with a disfigured face.

    Then I see the trailer, and all I get is showing the violence and slow motion aspects of the film, and not the damn story. Okay he’s killing people, and he is in pain from his family….We’ve seen that in two films already! Give me something different, Batman Begins gave us something different because it showed more of his rise to power then fighting actual villians. Sure a grenade in a bucket to a chair leg to the eye is cool. Hell I love the Punisher because he can be nasty sick on his kills sometimes. But I go for the Punisher, especially MAX, for the deep storytelling and characterization of Castle. If this thing is gonna be nothing but ‘shoot em’ ups’ and some scenes of him crying….then that’s not character development or a good script. It’s just being lazy and giving us a very one dimensional hero.

    If Nolan’s Batman or Faveru’s Iron Man has proven anything; writers and producers need to be much more concern about the story then the actual fighting.

  8. @J4k3 I assume you, me and everyone else will be watching the same movie. Hence we. I don’t mean to make it seem like we’ll all feel the same way about it.

    after seeing the second trailer for it, it looks slightly better. More messed up and grimey. Less slow motion and balletic. Saw that they got Dominic West from the Wire playing Jigsaw, which could be good. Got Ray Stevenson breaking down and beginning to cry in way that looks frighteningly genuine. So maybe I’m wrong. I like that the second trailer makes it look more like a slasher movie than whatever that first punisher movie was.

    I think I might be mostly reacting to suspended from the cieling spinning around and shooting scene that makes up so much of the first trailer. It wasn’t that awsome in the first movie I saw it in, and it gets lamer and more drawn out with every movie. I think that slow motion balletic style of action is not just played out, but totally wrong for the punisher.

    Anyway, whatever, these are early impressions. My mind changes quickly, as you can probably tell.


  9. @NextChampion Oh yeah, for sure he shouldn’t be fighting Doctor Doom. But I like the C and D list villains. I like a punisher that exists in the Marvel Universe. I think he adds a lot to it, and it adds a lot to him. I like him beating the hell out of super stong people in animal costumes. I think he makes the Marvel Universe look more frightening and the Marvel Universe makes him look like more of a weirdo.

  10. The best thing about Frank’s interactions with the D-List villains has been the insight to the villains themselves, just as good as the characterization given to Len Snart last week, which everyone thought was pure genius. 

    It was so much fun seeing what a joke Stilt-man was and how the Rhino really seemed to be a helpless case, not really knowing any better. Best of all was that one shot on what became of Gibbon after the bar scene. That could easily have been my POTW at the time.

    But, when all is said and done, I just don’t care for Olivetti and Chaykin’s work.

    I wish, I wish, that the movie could be good, but I know Neal’s right. Anything featuring the Punisher made for a mass audience has to be taken to the lowest level that only a jarhead could enjoy.

  11. Well, the Punisher isn’t exactly known for high concepts.

  12. @J4K3 – you’re right. i guess it’s the post-Dark Knight world we live in that makes us expect too much from a super-hero movie. it might be the Matrix look that’s really turning me off or the greased-back bullet proof head – i don’t know, but i think it mostly has to do with high expectations.

    on a side note: i watched the classic Dolph Lundgren version again last night and loved it. the scene that really does it for me is when the mob heads are all despairing over their kids in the restaurant when the yakuza shows up and puts a hit on. turns out everyone in the restaurant is in on the hit as all the patrons stand up, armed (including the old lady!!), and put the hit on. oh, if anything, watch it for that scene.

  13. Hey I was hoping for good comic book films long before Dark Knight. I just mentioned why Punisher should be a good film but most often they just turn it into a mindless ‘shoot em up’, gore glore film. Even if you like the very first Punisher film, it still has the same problems that the second and now this recent film has.

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