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TheNextChampion08/19/09NoRead Review


  1. preveiw was awsome. this character is so basic and simple that he could work in any setting. this might be up there with spider-man noir.

  2. I’m having a Punisher kind of week.

    Maybe I’ll give this a try. It’ll be a game time decision though.

  3. i LOOOOOVE that mask

  4. Yay, Tim Bradstreet.  If I hear good things about this, I will gladly pick up the HC.

  5. Gotta dig the Bradstreet covers, always. It helps that Frank as a character is so inherently suited to a noirish setting. Definitely looking forward to it.

  6. I’m gonna flip through this book tomorrow.

     I’ve enjoyed Daredevil and Wolverine Noir.

  7. This was surprisingly good. Not as good as X-Men Noir (yet) but still surprising. Love it that Castle was in the Battle of Verdun. That battle is just as bloody as the whole Vietnam War.

  8. THe story was so simple and yet it was great. I was surprised by the book overall. 

  9. I thought the whole point of the Noir books was to put the spirit of the classic Marvel characters into new and different settings. X-Men and Spidey were awesome, but Wolverine was pushing it. Daredevil and Punisher are just redundant. Sorry, you don’t get more "noir" than those characters. I wanna see Thor Noir, and the Fantastic Four Noir, and maybe Captain America Noir.

  10. @ActualButt: Punisher is a noir as a whole? I don’t see that, at least not as obvious as Daredevil is.

  11. lame.

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