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Frank Castle is reeling, wounded and on the run like never before, all thanks to the psychotic assassin known as Bullseye. What insanely murderous lengths will Bullseye go to in order to bring down his target? And just how far over the edge is Frank willing to slip to stay alive?

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Steve Dillon
COVER BY: Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. This could be the last issue for me. It’s just gotten tiring and cumbersome to read. Aaron is a good writing but he’s not really bringing anything new to the table here. You see one naked old lady or gun getting pooped out; you’ve seen them all.

  2. I think this book is hurting from the art. They need a grittier, more realistic art style. Dillon’s art just reminds me of the quirkiness of Welcome Back Frank which while being one of my all time favorite comics, had an extremley different tone that is a million miles from this book.

  3. The problem for me is The Punisher himself. I found out that I’m very uninterested in the character. I don’t read the 616 Punisher and I’m dropping Ultimate Avengers 2 as well. I realize I’ve only been reading this for as long as I have because it’s good comics. Gave him a shot, don’t like him.

  4. @TNC- Is this one of your famous 180s?? You’ve been giving this book nothing but super-high praise.

    I agree with you, though. If Aaron was writing this with the serious tone he writes Scalped (which is what I was expecting) it would be my favourite book. As it is, he’s writing it as a Bugs Bunny cartoon with "fuck" thrown into every second speech bubble (to make it "adult"), it’s disappointing. 

    I’m not dropping it; it’s entertaining (mostly) – it’s just completely different that what I expected it to be. 

  5. This is still entertaining for what it is but I think Aaron is trying to hard to write like Ennis instead of writing like himself.  The only Dillion art I ever really liked was his work on Preacher.

  6. @mike I just read Welcome Back Frank a few weeks ago and really didn’t care for it.  I prefer the MAX series.

  7. Still entertained and still enjoying it.  I’ll admit it doesn’t have the ‘wow factor’ that it started with, but I’m still digging it.

  8. @Wade: My last two reviews have been ‘luke-warm’ to ‘boring’. This series just isn’t fun like I thought it would be. Probably wouldn’t be bad in trade, but doesn’t seem worth it in issues. 

  9. This was a solid issue and a set up from the last two. Bullseye is fucking insane person, even more so then his regular continuity version. (How that is possible I don’t know). I would still like to see more Punisher in this then the villains. Still a nice issue and it makes me want to read at least next issue’s.

  10. Bullseye… is fucking terrifying. Holy shit.

  11. "Now I can hear your dreams."

    Heebies? ’14

    Jeebies? ’14

    Brick shaped shit?… ’14

  12. (Those ’14s are supposed to be check marks. I guess they don’t work in the iFanboy comment boxes)

  13. Jason Aaron is kicking ass on this. The most intense, crazy depiction of Bullseye I’ve ever seen. Sort of a "Red Dragon" or "Silence of the Lambs" approach to getting inside the target’s head. Creepy stuff. Nice nod to "Valley Forge, Valley Forge" in there from the Ennis run. I don’t mind the art, although it is more cartoony than you would expect on a MAX book. Dillon kind of has the same problem Quietly has in my book – many of the faces look the same. Not enough variation in features.

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