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  1. Well the cover kinda ruins what ‘familiar and unforgettable face’ for the reveal.

    Even still this is been a big surprise on me since Ennis has left the title. But what was I so concerned about? Hurwitz is still unknown to me but the fun times still continue with him as writer. Shame he’s done after this arc cause I would love to see him continue on this.

  2. Yeah, the cover kinda gives it away lol. Ennis never used "him" (avoiding spoilers) in his MAX run, did he? What I loved about Ennis’ MAX run was that he kept it strictly street level, where all the enemies were "normal" (non-powered) humans like him. I dig that.

  3. @Wade: But ‘that guy’ is not really a big time supervillain. He is just a mafia member but with a horrible deformaty….thanks to Castle. So if it’s any regular Marvel villain to use in the MAX run, it’s better to use ‘him’ then like Rhino or Kraven….what title would do that to the Punisher? 😉

  4. I didn’t realize the last arc was over.  Seemed like it still had one more issue.

  5. NM, the solicit/preview text is kinda messed up.

  6. @Champ — True. I just like how Ennis’ MAX run was mostly set away from the regular Marvel Universe (besides Nick Fury) & more in a real world where there are no super heroes or super villains.

  7. Wicked cover!

  8. So lame that the cover ruins the final page reveal.

  9. Well, I think I’m done with this. I gave it a chance, but this book might say Punisher on the cover, but that’s not the same character I’ve been reading & loving so much for Ennis’ MAX run. It’s like a completely different character now.

    Ah well, all good things come to an end, I guess. 

  10. @Wade: But there’s a new arc and title change next year…..Give it a shot then?

    He’s in Philly for that arc 🙂

  11. @Wade: I don’t know… This arc seems pretty close to the way Punisher was written by Ennis. I was worried when he left the title, but I’ve gotta say, I think Hurwitz has really come closer to Ennis’ interpritation than any other write who’s tried. What is it that you think’s so different?

  12. @Champ – Maybe. I will be reading the movie related mini by Ennis that’s coming out soon, or is that what you meant?

    @Butch – Maybe it’s not the character so much as the writing. Ennis’ dialogue, especially when writing the villains was always menacing & "believable" & they always seemed like major asshole you wanted to see mowed down. Hurwitz characters in this arc seem more like cardboard cut outs of 80’s action movie villains & the Punisher is copy & posted into the role of "revenge seeking anti-hero" we have all seen a million times in bad movies.

    His dialogue is off too (IMO). Frank seems to be saying a lot of things he would never have said in Ennis character defining run & to some that’s a small thing, but to me, that’s very important. Ennis rocked the Punisher because he got the main thing about Frank — he’s a soldier & in all situations should act & think like one.

    One more thing that probably has nothing to do with Hurwitz is that on the opening page of the comic they have the Punisher’s origin wrong. It says his family was killed for witnessing a gangland hit & he returned home from Vietnam to this news. that’s not what happened, his family was caught in the crossfire of a gangland hit, it was totally random & he was there to witness it. If you think about it, those two things — being there to see his family die & it being collateral damage, are two major reasons he wants anyone with the capacity to do such a thing to be punished.

  13. @Wade: I mean that this is going to get a name change once #66 comes out.

    It’ll be called Frank Castle: The Punisher….and yes that sounds just as lame like I think it is.

    But that opening page must be a mistake. How on earth could you make that big of a mistake like that? But hey we just had an article about recap pages….and who honestly reads them? 😉

  14. @Champ – People with very short memories who read way too many comics (me) read them! 😛 The opening page mistake (or colossal cock-up?) has been like that for a few issues now. Since Ennis left, I think. I’ll check …

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