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Locked in solitary confinement with a prison riot raging around him, the Punisher is closer to death than ever before. But first he must face the ghosts of his past and relive the worst day of his life. What were the Punisher’s final words to his family before they were ripped from him in a hail of bullets?

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Steve Dillon
Cover by Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.1%


TheAgeingYoungRebel08/12/11NoRead Review
kennyg08/12/11YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. im surprised more ppl didnt pull this issue it has been one of the most consistent series ive been reading

  2. I read the first arc of the new Punisher Max run, but had to drop it…been thinking about picking it back up.  Would this issue be a good jumping back on point?

  3. This issue is the conclusion of the current story arc. I’d say wait for the next issue if you’re jumping back on to this amazing series.

  4. @Neeks  I’m in agreement there and I wonder how it does in the grand comic sales scheme. Unless you are on a budget or trade waiting I can’t understand not getting this.

  5. @firemass13 ya wait till next issue and if its in trade i would definetly get the Bullseye Arc which follows after the first Kingpin one that you read

    @Funcrusher ya im not sure about sales but probably not that good, it dropped off some  peoples radar with delays earlier on so i heard.  Plus the fact its hard to find the back issues of this series since theres no reprints on the max titles, i should know i tracked them all down recently instead of getting the trades lol


  7. Been loving the heck out of this, and that Dave Johnson…floors me month after month with some amazing covers.

  8. WOW PTOW for me-Best marvel book out there

  9. Great issue! im not sure if its POTW yet because ive yet to finish my stack but as of right now its a solid 5 and im very much looking forward to whats to come

  10. I can’t believe that Jason Aaron is telling a 100% brand new Punisher story byu doing what i always thought was impossible; delving into Frank Castle as a character as opposed to the force of nature he’s usually depicted as.

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