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Marking the return of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon’s acclaimed PUNISHER MAX this issue finds the Punisher gunning for the Kingpin with the entire NYPD breathing down his neck. The Kingpin is counting on Bullseye to get the Punisher before the Punisher gets him but the assassin has been slowly driving himself crazy trying to figure out the riddle of Frank Castle.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Steve Dillon
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 31.7%


TheNextChampion02/09/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. It’s finally back!

  2. Wow this was on hiatus for a long time.

  3. Finally! I was scared I would never see this again!

  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  5. Oh yea.

  6. Is this the end of the arc?

  7. I’m so glad – I thought this got cancelled. The last issue was in July! That’s too damn long for some Punisher Max. And this story is great.

  8. Happy to see it back.  Top of the pile…

  9. There was an interview where Aaron said Steve Dillon got really sick last year and couldn’t draw the series for a while. Which, if your looking for another anti-lateness slam, I won’t judge against Dillon. You can’t control sickness or personal problems so I’m glad Dillon is back on track.

    Still I hope this reads good because it has been a while since Aaron did a Punisher script. (Probably collecting dust since on hiatus) 

  10. @AmirCat  No next issue
    @TheNextChampion  Not necessarily, he likely had the whole thing done a while ago but due to Dillion’s complications, the finished product got delayed.

  11. whoa I thought this was cancelled. Awesome!

  12. Welcome back Frank, indeed!

  13. Awww hell yeahhhhhh!

  14. Thank you comic gods

  15. Shame this was all recap. I’m curious as to whether this was how the issue was originally written or did Aaron rewrite it to catch everyone up. I think what helps my theory is that the cover for next month is completely different then what was advertised BEFORE this went on hitaus.

    I mean what was here was good, and I really want to stress the lateness isn’t hampering my enjoyment. But at the end of the day, it didn’t do anything for me because it was a recap issue. I sure do miss Dillon’s art though.


  16. Agreeing with TheNextChampion.

    Art was one of the weakest Dillon showings I have seen as well. I mean it wasn’t bad by any stretch, in fact it was good, but it just seemed a tad rushed. I’m excited to see how this turns though. One weak issue out of 10 is pretty damn good. 

  17. Damn! I was surprised to see this finally listed…..we are lucky that Remender is filling in the gap…. while Aaron is busy with the handful of other great stories and characters….

  18. I thought this was really good. The Bullseye arc is getting one more issue than the Kingpin one did and this one was like a breath before the finale. I didn’t mind that “not a lot happened” because Bullseye solving the “mystery” of Frank Castle had to happen before he was able to move forward. All in all I actually thought this was the perfect issue to come off the hiatus as it was a bit of a slow moment before the big finale.

  19. I think I figured the “mystery” out about halfway through this story. If I’m right, it’s pretty fucked up. Even if it doesn’t go down the way I expect, Aaron has really thought a lot about what makes Frank Castle the Punisher. I didn’t see this so much as recap – this stuff is well known, it’s not like any of us needed a recap. And it’s not a “.1” issue to be a jumping on point for people not reading it. It was Bullseye thinking aloud, applying his own twisted reasoning, and man is he disturbing.

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