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  1. Yay! My dream has finally come true! Now Punisher can be awesome again!

    Well he was awesome before this new creative team. Shame more people didnt pay attention to the previous arcs after Ennis left. Oh well, we got a new beginning here. Also, glad to see Johnson still doing covers.

  2. I did not like Enis’ Punisher Max at all. Hell I did not like anything by Garth Enis, but I haven’t read his Punisher run, only Max and it was gratuitous and depraved. So I don’t now why I am excited about this, maybe the prospect of a no-holds-barred take on King Pin and Bullseye by Jason Aaron or Steve Dillon drawing it.

  3. Im not a big fan of buying my own punisher books (but i’ll read yours!!) but i just cant turn down this team.

  4. I did not plan on getting this- I never got into Punisher. . . but I might have to give this a try. Great cover, too.

  5. Ennis Punisher was awesome!

    I’m getting this in Hardcover.

    @Fvckstick – You worked on Punisher?  Which comics?

  6. I’m in.. only experience with Punisher was last issue #75.  Buckle up.. newbie aboard.

  7. Even though Weapon X was a bit of a dissapointment for me, I feel that on the Max line Aaron will be able to turn that around.

  8. Anyone who pulls this ($4, 22 pages, ongoing) and was angry about the Lobo price ($7, 64 pages, 2 issue prestige bound, no ads) is a hypocrite. I’ll be picking this up in trades as soon as soon as I catch up on Scalped.

  9. I haven’t liked any of Jason Aaron’s Marvel stuff so far.  But Scalped is so good, fuck it, I’ll give this a try

  10. @miyamoto- Aaron.

  11. This is going to have to blow me away to get me to continue buying it for $4 a pop.

  12. I dropped Punisher the arc after Ennis left.  I’m glad they’re taking this new direction and I really enjoy Jason Aaron.

  13. I felt that when Ennis left the only person who could take over was Aaron. This is a dream come true

  14. OK, now that I’ve slept over it, I know why I am excited; Jason Aaron writing MAX kingpin. FUCK YEAH!

  15. YAY. Punisher is going to be good again! =D

    The test will be if I can resist this in store. If it was $2.99 I’d get it, but I’m trying to trade on all $3.99 books that don’t have extra pages/content.

    I couldn’t resist on Aaron’s Wolverine book, so we’ll see …

  16. Oops, *trade-wait.

  17. Have to disagree with mudd, Ennis’s Max was an amazing examination of the character. It was also a fucking awesome crime book.

     Looking forward to this, but as much as I love Dillon I wanted a more gritty artist for this book. 

  18. I hate the fuckin’price! Fuckin’3.99! Fuckin’suck! Shit!

  19. I loved the Ennis MAX, enjoyed the stuff after him, and have really high hopes for this.  I think Aaron is a perfect writer for it, but i too wouldn’t have picked Dillon for this series, despite my love for Preacher and Hellblazer.

  20. After reading the Punisher MAX X-MAS special that Aaron did, I know this will be awesome.

  21. This was my pick of the week because it was a great first issue.

    Jason Aaron, in one issue, has made me excited about the Punisher again. This reminded me a lot of Garth Ennis’s run on the character, although that might be because Dillon was artist on this. The whole thing with the mobster’s eye dangling disturbed me but also made me laugh. Soild art by Dillon as well, he’s one of the best artists in the industry. Wish you heard from him more often.

    Great start for this reboot. Can’t wait to see where we go with the new Kingpin angle.

  22. I had no intention on buying this, but I decided to flip through it because Dillon’s ridiculousness was my favorite part of Preacher.

    After getting to the eye page, I kinda wish I had bought this. 

  23. @kickass – hahahaha, i see how it could be misunderstood now, but i meant buying my own copy as opposed to barrowing a friends.

  24. Great start for the new series.  Dillion is the premiere Punisher artist and Aaron has, in only one issue, brought new life to the Punisher.  Very excited for the Kingpin’s story.

  25. Boring and un-imaginative writing. Perfect art, of course. I don’t care for the rise of Wilson Fisk. I’m ok with Scalped.

  26. @rockingeek – it is a little "been there done that" with the kingpin. 

  27. This was a very quick read but sets up a lot of potential. I think the MAX version of Fisk is going to be a very interesting character. Here’s hoping for an epic 60 issue run from Aaron to rival Ennis’s run.

  28. I won’t argue that ‘rise of the Kingpin’ could be considered tired, but I really liked it.  Maybe that’s because I have always been a big fan of his.

    The only thing that I didn’t like about the art is that Dillon seems to draw everybody’s face at the same age, and you have to look at the character’s hair and clothes to get some kind of determination as to their age.  Calling somebody ‘old man’ when they look as old as the character that made the comment, aside from the graying hair, was a little off. 

    And Frank is now substantially older than Fisk?  Frank has to be about 50 and Fisk would have to be much younger than that to be merely a bodyguard.  I am okay with this, but I am looking for some clarification.

  29. I just like that this isn’t your typical rise of a mobster story. he’s sort of stealing control from the families. one dude that no one has ever heard of is going to become the bogeyman for the new york underworld. great stuff

  30. Good start, I’ll stick around.

  31. Eye approve of this issue.

  32. It’s hilarious to me that this barely got 70 pulls for the last year…..Now it’s shot up to 350! lol

  33. @cromulent – aaahh, I see what you did there…

  34. @DarthDuck

    Eye see you are learning, my pupil.

  35. Way to play to Dillon’s strenghts Aaron! Dangling eyeballs, bits of brain in the hair. I’m looking forward to this one. The Kingpin story is off to a good start.

  36. @cromulent – eye try


  38. Eye yi Eye! 


  39. I really liked Aaron’s "Ghost Rider" work. Too bad it couldn’t save that title. I also enjoyed Aaron’s "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" a whole lot, so I signed up for "Wolverine: Weapon X" – which hasn’t been great. This PM issue was a quick read – done too soon! But it includes all the gore and grit of Punisher. Dillon’s art is great.

  40. this was a little "meh" nothing brillient but good

  41. Finally some amazing Punisher again.

  42. Wait, I’m confused. Is this Punisher MAX or old school Ennis Punisher that was like an R-rated Looney Tunes cartoon?

    Punisher MAX is set in a separate more "realistic" world, so howcome squeezing the sides of a guys head makes his eyes pop out? If you put a dude’s head in a vice (Fisk’s hand’s being the vice here) his skull would be crushed & he’d be dead before his eyes popped out (if they did).

    If this happened in a comic that wasn’t meant to be set in anything close to a real world, it wouldn’t bother me, but it was totally out of place here & ruined the issue for me.

  43. @WADE:   you should do a little mythbusters experiment in your backyard with your little brother. if you have a little brother that is

  44. Pick of the week. Aaron is basing the structure of Weapon X on Ennis’s model for Max Punisher and now the man gets to put his own stamp on the greatest comic book of the decade. I had serious doubts about Dillon’s clean style for such a dirty book, but I was wrong, his clean style did just what I hoped it would! Make this book more disturbing. Aaron has come at this like a genius, building up Fisk as a bad mother fucker and a family man. Dillon draws Frank the same as ever, but he shows the wrinkles of this version of the characters age. After two good arcs and on great one (Welcome to the Bayou) Punisher is back to greatness I read this last because I knew just knew in my gut that reading it first would ruin every other book i got this week.

  45. @TNC
    Two words (RE: the increased pulls): Steve Dillon

  46. Read it and loved it.  Jason Aaron is one of the better writers to come on the scene in a while.  The price tag is a b%#*t though…

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