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  1. This has been….good.

    Better then what I have read with Gischler recently. Shame that he isn’t as good as I thought he could be.

  2. I’ve said it for every part of this arc: Parlov drawing psychotic rednecks is awesome.

  3. Enjoyable arc so far, and I’ve warmed up to Parlov a bit.

  4. Pay attention to Parlovs backgrounds and the way he composes a panel. The body language of the characters. How Frank fills up his car in #71, for example. Parlovs perfect at this. He is not the most flashy artist, but thos elittle things are great.

  5. The story is just bland and uninteresting.

    The art by Parlov though is very good to look at.

  6. I’m liking the story.  It seems like it’s just a horror movie cliche, but when you factor in this guy Frank had in the trunk, it’s that much more interesting.  This wasn’t the best part of the story, but I’m still interested to see how it all ends.

  7. Junior. Scary.

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